ICT106 Technical User Support Assignment – Australia.

Subject Code :- ICT106
Title :- Technical User Support Assignment
Assessment Type :- Assignment
ICT106 Technical User Support Assignment – Australia.

ICT106 Technical User Support Assignment - Australia.

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3.The assessment must be typed Arial 12 font 1.5 spaced
4.Marks will be deducted for late submission; 10% of the total marks will be deducted for each day after due date
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7. You can resubmit your assignment several time to check your plagiarism percentage
8. It is recommended to plan time appropriately and start the assessment early this will give you time to research and do well

ICT106 Technical User Support Assignment – Australia.

Question 1.
Mrs XXX bought a laptop for her son for online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. After two months of use the audio facilities of the laptop malfunctioned. Mrs XXX visited the support department for the laptop company. Paul a senior support help desk agent attended to Mrs XXX query. Since Paul has dealt with several similar problems he told Mrs Smith that there is no need to continue explaining since he knows the problem with Mrs XXX laptop. He instructed Mrs XXX to go home and update the laptop using the latest drivers from the internet. Mrs XXX didn’t want that solution because she didn’t know how to update computer drivers. While Mrs XXX was talking Paul was typing the incident. Mrs XXX got upset with the customer service she received.She shouted and demanded to be served by the manager.

(i) If you were Paul describe the steps and give examples of the actions and activities you could have taken to ensure that your communication with Mrs XXX becomes effective?
(ii) Identify and explain three barriers to effective communication that have been demonstrated by Paul in this case.
(iii) Describe in detail the steps you would have taken to calm Mrs XXX down when she was shouting.

Question 2.
With the aid of diagrams discuss sequential and iterative problem-solving approaches.

ICT106 Technical User Support Assignment – Australia.

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