HSSW510 Social Work Intervention Models And Skills Assignment – Australia

Unit Code & Title :- HSSW510 Social Work Intervention Models And Skills
Length :- 2500 words
Value :- 40%
The template and reference list are not included in the final word count but all other words in the body of the assignment are counted.
Assignment : it is suggested that over the first five weeks of the trimester that you select and Critically
Task :- examine at least one theory can include a practice perspective one model or practice theroy that you would like to use in your chosen practice field as a social Worker.
HSSW510 Social Work Intervention Models And Skills Assignment – Australia

HSSW510 Social Work Intervention Models And Skills Assignment - Australia

Use this template for your assignment. The criteria that you will be marked against are below.
Use them to guide you about what is important to include in your writing.
Start typing your assignment or copy and paste it into this file from page 5. Submit the assignment through Moodle.Your assignment will then be assessed and you will receive your mark and feedback on this same form.

Unit Description:

HSSW510 Social Work Intervention Models and Skills
Students in this unit will examine and critique the theory and skills required for effective use of specific models and approaches to intervention used by social workers including brief intervention crisis other frame works. The unit will cover the underlying beliefs and assumptions the strategies and techniques and the articulated goals of each approach A critical review of the strengths value limitations and applications of each approach will be conducted Students will also demonstrate their skills in responding to client situations using models of intervention.

Unit Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this unit, students will be able to:

1.critically review intervention models used by social workers and contextualise their appropriate use;

2.discriminate the use of skill sets deriving from the models in practice situations;

3.appraise the limitations of specific intervention models with regard to populations served and practice domains and

4.generate solutions to case scenarios drawing from intervention models.

This assessment piece relates to learning outcomes 1 and 3.

as well as one theory or model that you would not like to use It may help you although this is optional to place your analysis into a table that enables you to appraise its views concerning human behaviour cognition and emotion, who the model theory aims to work with and why, as well as its limitations and strengths in working in your selected practice field and agency. In this assignment you need to:

1. introduce your paper and outline its contents and thesis
2. identify each of your three chosen theories/models for practice in social work in a specified practice field and agency, and the service users’ issues and needs
3. explore in depth those two which you will use and explain: Their key features and theoretical under pinnings why they are beneficial to the selected agency and its services users as an intervention approach and examine their strengths and limitations .
4. succinctly outline the theory you will not use and explain: Its essential features and theoretical under pinnings and examine and explain why it has limited utility for the agency and its service users
5. summarise and conclude your paper

HSSW510 Social Work Intervention Models And Skills Assignment – Australia

HSSW510 Social Work Intervention Models And Skills Assignment - Australia

Task Description :
To demonstrate that you clearly under stand each approach and are familiar with scholarly literature that informs the practice of social workers in the use of each model your task is to name your chosen theories models and then describe;

a. The theory or theories underpinning the model, and important features and concepts within these;
b. Goals of the intervention and “hoped for” outcomes of the theory/model;
c. Types of behaviour and questioning the social worker would be engaged in while taking the approach advocated by the theory/model;
d. A succinct critical assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the theory/model;
e. Explain why the two you have chosen might suit or not be suited to individual counselling with someone who attends your particular agency;
f. Critique the theory that you would not use explaining why it is unsuitable for practice in your particular agency.

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