HSK0114 Cohort Integrated Nursing Care Assignment – Australia

Please use this template to complete your summative assessment .
1. Learning outcomes – the learning outcomes need to be achieved for a pass. This section is not included in the word count.
2. Essay title and case study chosen – choose one of the six case studies and copy the details.This section is not included in the word count
3. Essay template – use these section headings to give your essay structure and be sure that the learning outcomes are all included. Words in blue should be removed as you complete each section.
4. Reference list – should follow the HSK guidelines. The reference list is not included in the word count.
HSK0114 Cohort Integrated Nursing Care Assignment – Australia

HSK0114 Cohort Integrated Nursing Care Assignment - Australia

Learning Outcomes :-
i.Understand the need for evidence based seamless care through person and relationship centred care and discharge planning at the onset of access to health services.
ii.Be able to analyse and discuss the interrelationship between spiritual sociological psychological physical emotional and cultural aspects of care.
iii.Use enquiry-based methods to identify and evaluate the effectiveness of adult patient coping strategies in relation to their health.
iv.Source and use knowledge of underpinning pathophysiology to interpret common physical symptoms of ill health.
v.Identify and explain the signs and symptoms of acute deterioration.
vi.Use an enquiry-based approach to select and utilise appropriate assessment tools to detect the presence of acute deterioration and respond accordingly.

Essay sections – place these sections in any order to show a logical sequence of topics for your essay.

Font and format: we advise that you use arial (body) size 12 with 1.5 spacing and align left.

Essay title and case study
This essay will present an evidence based case study focusing on a person with a long term condition or acute illness who is at risk of acute deterioration. The essay will show how the under standing of psycho-social as well as physical symptoms contribute to individualised assessment and person-centred care. The case study chosen is as follows:
Write down here which case study you have chosen .
Word count for this section is not included.

Introduction :-
Introduce your assignment. Clearly introduce the acute or long-term condition for the case study you have chosen. Supply some context of the prevalence of the condition and impact on the individual and their family. Include one or two current statistics. Outline the themes that this essay will be including pathophysiology psychosocial coping strategies potential deterioration and appropriate nursing assessment. Emphasise that this is based on a fictional case study, not a real person.Suggested word count 150 words.

Pathophysiology :-
Explain the primary pathophysiology of the acute or long-term condition. Discuss the physiological changes that occur and how they lead to the common physical signs and symptoms that a person with this condition may experience. Suggested word count 500 words.

Acute Deterioration :-
Explain how and why this patient might deteriorate in their physical and/or mental health and well being. Relate to the signs and/or symptoms in the case study and choose one or two key signs of deterioration to discuss. Integrate theory and research in your explanation. For example you might explore acute physical deterioration such as breathlessness and acute mental health deterioration such as anxiety.

Assessment :-
Discuss a suitable assessment tool that would be used for one of the signs of deterioration.
Explain how this assessment tool is used and the appropriate nursing response when acute deterioration is detected. Integrate theory and evidence in your explanation You can choose to focus on the assessment of deterioration in physical or mental health in this section.

Integrated psychosocial care
Choose two individual features from the case study and discuss how spiritual sociological psychological emotional and/or cultural aspects impact on the individual and influence nursing care. Integrate theory and evidence in your explanation. You should only choose two aspects from this list.

HSK0114 Cohort Integrated Nursing Care Assignment – Australia
HSK0114 Cohort Integrated Nursing Care Assignment - Australia

Coping :-
Consider the coping strategies shown in the case study. Discuss the individuality of the person in your case study and explain how their fears, concerns and beliefs may influence their capacity to cope with the symptoms associated with the long term condition or acute illness.

Conclusion :-
Pull together the key learning from your essay and show how this can be applied to nursing practice. Check the focus in this section is the chosen case study and aims of the essay.

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