HS1021 Web Design Assignment

HS1021 Web Design Assignment
Instructions :
* Most assessments must be in MS Word format with no spacing, 11- pt Calibri font and at least 2cm margins on all four sides with appropriate section headings and page numbers.

Objectives :

This assessment provides students an opportunity to work as a team and practice different techniques and skills involved in designing webpages using HTML5 and CSS. The team will develop skills in:

*Design and create a website using HTML5 and CSS without the automated generation of
* Communicate with end users to determine document structure; design features and styles
and other technical documents.
* Validate the HTML pages and the single CSS page against World Wide Web Consortium
(W3C) standards in variety of browsers.

HS1021 Web Design Assignment

Web Design Assignment

Group Assignment Case Study

This assessment will be completed in groups of 4 students. Groups will be formed within the first 2 weeks of class. Students will be expected to work within these groups for the remainder of the semester.
For this assignment, each group will be dealing with two challenges that are linked to different clients where you will be asked to provide a solution using the latest standards in HTML and CSS. A preview of the page that you will be creating in each challenge will be provided as a guide line. Each group needs to select one option from four provided options and address both challenges.
This assessment is worth 60% of the unit’s grade and is a major assessment. Groups are advised to begin working on this assessment as soon as possible.

There are three deliverables for this assessment as follows:

Deliverable  —- Weight —- Week Due
Report ———- 5% ——— Week 13
Website ——– 45% ——– Week 13

Deliverable Description

You have to submit all the source files you’ve used to create your website and a report in Microsoft Word format on Blackboard in Week 13.

Report (5%):

The structure of the report consists of the following sections:
* Cover page
* Executive Summary
What this assignment is about and what you want to achieve (should be about 100 words, Executive Summary is differed to compare with Introduction).
* Table of contents
You have to use Microsoft Word build-in function to create a Table of Contents.
* Introduction:
Please make sure that you include the following in the Introduction:

− List the major responsibilities which you should take on to help in solving the business’ problem. What is your basic plan? Where do you start from? What do you want to achieve?
− The purpose of your work
* Conclusion and Recommendations
* Media Links
− The URL of your website
− The URL of your video.

Website (45%):

You are required to publish your web on the Internet. Start looking NOW for your Ad Free host (project must be hosted on an Ad Free host). There are many sites on the web that offer ad free web site hosting. Try searching for some on your own or check out Ad Free Web Site Hosting (Resources > Ad Free Web Site Hosting) to get you started.
The project must be your own design and be completed by you – the use of free or purchased web site templates are not permitted (for example, those found in Dreamweaver, purchased or free, blog or social networking templates such as Drupal, WordPress, Blogger, Facebook as well as the textbook’s Case Study Lab). If it is perceived that a web template has been used, the project grade will be no higher than (P).
Please submit the followings:
* The URL of your web site
* All the source files you’ve used to create website

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