HOST301 Marketing Strategic Plan Assignment Australia.

Assessment Title: AT2. Assessment 2 – Marketing Strategic Plan
Course Learning Outcomes: Learning Outcomes 4 and 5
Assessment Type Group Marketing Strategic Plan
Weighting: 35% + 10-15 min group presentation
Word limit: 2000 to 2500 words (word length limit rule is strictly observed & penalty for exceeding/not meeting the word limit will be applied)
HOST301 Marketing Strategic Plan Assignment Australia.

HOST301 Marketing Strategic Plan Assignment Australia.

Submission type
Via the respective Turnitin drop boxes on the Course Hub
You will make your presentation to the class in the online classroom at a
time allocated by your tutor

Format/ Layout of Assessment
PDF file (.pdf) for the report
PDF file (.pdf) for the presentation slides or other graphics

Topic & Assessment instructions:

Brief on the Marketing Strategic Plan:
You are the Marketing Manager for Leisure & Co. You have just received a Marketing Research Report from your one of your marketing executives. The report has some well researched information eg, the current challenges and opportunities for your company but more work needs to be done to compile the Marketing Strategic Plan you are going to submit to your general manager.

Therefore, you have called all your marketing team together to produce a Marketing Strategic Plan which will discuss a range of issues and then recommend for some marketing strategies for Leisure & Co. The following points are just what you wish to see in your team’s report, but you are open to other points your team might add and discuss in the report:

  • The role of marketing in strategic planning
  • The current challenges and opportunities that face Leisure & Co using a SWOT analysis
  • The importance of customer information/big data and how to manage customer data to benefit Leisure & Co
  • The impact of social media on hospitality and tourism experiences
  • An analysis of your current and potential customers’ buying behaviour
  • Identification of possible new markets for Leisure & Co
  • Positioning or repositioning of Leisure & Co’s services and products in the tourism and hospitality industry
  • Evaluating your current services and products to identify service and product gaps/opportunities
  • Improving existing or designing new services and products to increase Leisure & Co’s market share in the next two years
  • Strategies to engage your existing and potential customers including but not limited to public relations, sales promotions and professional sales

HOST301 Marketing Strategic Plan Assignment Australia.

HOST301 Marketing Strategic Plan Assignment Australia.

It’s important to include all the above points in your report but not
necessarily in the same order as listed above. You may use each point as a separate section heading but it is your decision as to how you will incorporate these in your report and make your report a most logical and effective one.

Your report structure should consist of the following parts:
Cover Page
Executive Summary
Contents Page with corresponding page numbers of each section
1.Introduction (page numbers start with this section)

2.Research methodology – eg, identify what research methods you have used to collect your research data, and discuss if the data collected are free from bias and/or your attempt to minimize any unintended bias. If the data you have obtained are from secondary research (as most students do), do not forget to use in text references and plus reference list to acknowledge the use of other people’s data, in the correct Reference format – refer to your academic writing guide for details)

3.Section heading (here you will use your own section heading –a short phrase indicating what is being discussed in this section)

4.Section heading (same as above)

5.Section heading (same as above)

(Note: you can have as many sections as you like as long as they are necessary – usually it is good to have one idea and/or discussion of it in one section and start a different section for the next point or idea)

HOST301 Marketing Strategic Plan Assignment Australia.

HOST301 Marketing Strategic Plan Assignment Australia.



List of references or Bibliography
(Note, you can also combine Conclusion and Recommendation together so it can also be: Conclusion and Recommendation)

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