HNN222 Mental Health And Illness Essay-Deakin University Australia.

Purpose of assessment task
To provide support for an individual with a mental illness, nurses must have sound knowledge of mental health conditions, their symptoms, associated risks and recovery strategies. This assessment task builds on Assessment Task 1 and Phoebe’s scenario. You are required to discuss her mental health conditions, including related impacts on Phoebe and her significant others. You are required to consider interventions that are
useful to support Phoebe while in the ward, and as she prepares to be discharged.
HNN222 Mental Health And Illness Essay-Deakin University Australia.

HNN222 Mental Health And Illness Essay-Deakin University Australia.

Topic background:
Sometimes, and despite best efforts by mental health teams, it is not always possible to care for people in their home environment. The Victorian Mental Health Act (2014) is a state legislation that has been developed to ensure care is provided in a regulated environment,while at the same time upholding community safety and ensuring rights of the client are respected.

Assignment Question / Task Description:
Phoebe was initially treated at home with regular visits by members of the CATT team, after two weeks, attending clinicians and family concluded that Phoebe was not making much progress, and was deteriorating in her mental state. Notably, she was increasingly isolated, presenting with delusional thinking, quite paranoid and presenting with aggressive behaviour and threats to assault family, all symptoms that are out of character for Phoebe.

Worryingly, she was not taking the medications prescribed by CATT. The CATT team had agreed that Phoebe will require further assessment, treatment, and observation as an inpatient in the acute mental health unit subject to a Treatment Order under the Mental Health Act (2014). Following review by the psychiatrist, a diagnosis of schizophrenia is confirmed.
You are required to respond to this essay question in two parts:

Discuss the nursing care of Phoebe while she is in the ward. Your analysis must include symptom monitoring, risk assessment and medication management (including related side effects).

HNN222 Mental Health And Illness Essay-Deakin University Australia.

After three weeks in the ward, Phoebe is no longer experiencing symptoms and she is ready to be discharged. Phoebe is to have depot medication and weekly follow up with a community mental health nurse (case manager).
Discuss the possible impacts having a mental ilnness can have for Phoebe and her family.Present brief analysis of the discharge plan and long term care for Phoebe to prevent relapse.

Instructions for this assessment task:
Your assignment must contain a purposeful introduction outlining some general background to the topic, an aim and purpose and themes for discussion.

The body of the assignment will constitute approximately 80% of the word count and provide key arguments supported by literature. The body of the assignment is normally organised in paragraphs of approximately 150 words with each paragraph focused on explanation of one idea. There should be a logical progression of ideas as demonstrated by logically linked arguments/discussion made in each paragraph. Each paragraph should commence with a topic sentence and end with a link to the next paragraph.

The conclusion paragraph should provide a summation of ideas, draw together the discussion, present no new material (references are not expected in the conclusion paragraph) and offer your position drawn from the discussion

Academic writing style
The conventions of written English are expected to be followed to ensure clarity of discussion. This includes correct use of grammar, punctuation and spelling as well as the use of appropriate sentence and paragraph structure. It is also expected that word choice will be formal and professional language will be used.

HNN222 Mental Health And Illness Essay-Deakin University Australia.

Paraphrasing and direct quotations
Unless really necessary, most assignments do not require the use of direct quotes.Instead, re-expression of author arguments (paraphrasing) into your own words is required. Paraphrasing of author arguments/statements must be supported by a reference. If a direct quotation is used, you must explain how it adds to the discussion and provide a reference as per APA Style guide 6

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