HC2112 Service Marketing Assignment-Holmes University Australia

Instruction to students: This is an individual assignment.

Weighting: 35%

HC2112 Service Marketing Assignment

HC2112 Service Marketing

Prepare a flowchart of the back stage as well as the front-stage operations of this business. Using this flowchart, explain the significance of the service encounter, and its managerial implications.

HC2112_Service Marketing

The written component of the essay should not exceed 2000 words(12 font, Arial or Times New Roman single spaced)

  1. Flowchart
    Backstage and Front stage
  2. Explanation of significance of the service encounter
  3. Analysis of managerial implications
  4. Essay format & presentation

Example of diversity of services: HC2112 Service Marketing Assignment-Holmes University Australia


Understanding the nature of service product and market.

HC2112__Service Marketing

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