HC1031 Managing People & Organisations Assignment-Holmes Institute Australia.

Purpose of the HC1031 Managing People & Organisations Assignment (with ULO Mapping)

This assignment aimed to draw on the concepts and models used in this unit to analyse an organisation’s problem or challenge and make specific recommendations. This assignment will help you develop skills in applying the course content in an organisational analysis.

HC1031 Managing People & Organisations

Purpose HC1031 Managing People & Organisations Assignment

This assignment aims at providing students with an opportunity to reflect on organisational problems and challenges and apply concepts and frameworks covered within the subject to solving such problems.

In groups of 4, students must:

Step 1: the organisation will be allocated to you to make sure that each group does choose a different organisation for your analysis.

Step 2: Your task then is to identify and briefly describe a current organisational problem or challenge faced by your chosen organisation. Relevant problems or challenges may include (but not limited to) high turnover rate, low performance among workers, the need to implement a change within the organisation, poor communication between managers and employees, etc. Note that these are only examples and you are free
to focus on other problems that have practical relevance to the specific organisation you have been allocated. However it will be good to include examples mentioned in this briefing.

Step 3: Critically analyse the problem or challenge you have identified in step 2; drawing on relevant concepts and theories taught in this unit.

Step 4: Based on your analysis, make specific recommendations on how to resolve the problem or challenge and how to improve the organisation’s effectiveness in dealing with the issues. You might choose more than one issue but not more than 2 issues, as you need to delve into the issue rather than being superficial.

Step 5: Based on your report, prepare PowerPoint slides of key findings and make a presentation and record them and upload them on BB in the week for submission. PPTs must be submitted before you upload your
group presentation.

Assignment report structure should be as the following:
As a minimum, the report should contain the following:

1) Executive Summary
2) Brief Introduction and background information of the selected organisation
3) Overview of the current organisational problem or challenge
4) Detailed analysis of the current organisational problem supported with relevant concepts and theories thought in class
5) Conclusion and Recommendations
6) Reference list (a minimum of 8 academic references with links back to in-text citations).

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