FINC7011 Investment Planning Assessment – Australia.

Quarter 1 2022
Assignment 2: Investment Plan Presentation [Individual]
Length: Approximately 15 minutes and 5 minutes for questions
Assessment Value: 20%
Refer to the current available presentation times in the Assessment Zone – Assignment 2
FINC7011 Investment Planning Assessment – Australia.

FINC7011 Investment Planning Assessment - Australia.

Background :
The Investment Plan presentation will include much of the investment planning advice developed in Assessments 1 Part A and Part B plus advanced analysis and research.

You are provided with:
1. A comprehensive file note covering the details of Q1 2022 case study and other detail
2. An Investment Plan template

Note: While both the file note and the investment plan template have been designed to reflect procedures used in the ‘real-world’ of financial planning practice, some modifications have been made to suit the aim of this assessment task.

Task Requirements
You are required to:

1.Examine the case study thoroughly and update the values of the client’s share holdings and estimate the potential investment income [i.e. dividends and interest earned]

2.Research, analyse, evaluate and develop recommendations for the client’s objectives and requests for additional information.

3.Curate the development of your analysis and recommendations into an Investment Plan using the template provided.

4.Submit your Investment Plan [and any additional items i.e. PPTs or handouts] prior to your presentation

FINC7011 Investment Planning Assessment – Australia.

FINC7011 Investment Planning Assessment - Australia.

5.Via Zoom present the highlights of your Investment Plan to a ‘mock client’ in Week 9

Important Notes
1.Due to the use of the Investment Plan template, turn-it in scores will show a high similarity.Only high scores related to the templated narrative will be ignored. Other content, must consider the normal rules regarding plagiarism and/or appropriately referencing source material, calculators used for any projections and/or websites used for research.
2. The use of PPTs and/or handouts in your presentation is optional. Hence, if you use PPTs, the slides should add value. Hence, limit your slides to 6 or less and refrain from bulk ‘cut and paste’ of narrative from the investment plan.
3. For A1 2022 Dr Julie Knutsen will role the ‘mock client’
4. The session will be recorded.
5. Typically, a well-rehearsed and well organised presentation can be completed in 15 minutes plus 10 minutes for questions.

FINC7011 Investment Planning Assessment – Australia.

The expectations are that you will:
a.‘Present’ your investment plan to the client in an engaging manner rather than reading notes in a
mechanical fashion
b. You will recommend investments only from the approved product list

Marking Criteria
The marking criteria for this assignment is available on page 10 of the Learning Guide.

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