EVN101 Elemental Feasibility Presentation Assignment-Torrens University Australia.

Individual/Group Individual
Length 7 mins (+/-10%)
Weighting 35%
Learning Outcomes: This assessment addresses the Subject Learning Outcomes below:
b) Provide an overview of the stages involved in the planning and implementation of events.
c) Identify and describe the various tasks involved in event production.
EVN101 Elemental Feasibility Presentation Assignment-Torrens University Australia.

EVN101 Elemental Feasibility Presentation Assignment-Torrens University Australia.

Task summary:
In this assessment you will conduct further research into the event you chose in Assessment 1 and present a 7 minute video recording with accompanying slide presentation (10 slides), in which you analyse your event in detail.

From your findings, you will recommend whether your event should:
1) Continue to be held in the future in its current form;
2) Be held again with certain improvements; or
3) Be discontinued altogether.

This describes the nature of a low level or ‘elemental’ feasibility study.

Every event is unique. Every event is also dynamic, which means an event is subject to change depending on what is happening in the business environment in which the event operates.

The internal environment refers to what is happening within the event or organisation itself –and over which the organisation has some control. The external environment refers to the forces operating on the organisation from outside – and over which the organisation has little or no control.

Ultimately, this means there is no guarantee that an event that is successful one year will continue to be successful the next year. Because the business environment is always changing, demand for different types and scales of events will also change due to factors such as: global trends in the event industry; differing entertainment preferences; changes in the physical/natural environment; weather conditions; global health concerns; and economic factors such as the availability of funding, resources and infrastructure; amongst other considerations.

One way of assessing the likelihood that an event will be successful, or not, is through a feasibility study.

Task Instructions:
To complete this assessment task you will perform one SWOT analysis to determine the feasibility of your chosen event. (SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). You will document your findings in a slide presentation (such as PowerPoint or Prezi) and present them
in a video. You will take the role of an event director presenting to your client.

EVN101 Elemental Feasibility Presentation Assignment-Torrens University Australia.

EVN101 Elemental Feasibility Presentation Assignment-Torrens University Australia.

You will be marked based on the quality of your SWOT analysis and recommendation, and your presentation skills. Refer to the assessment 2 rubric below to guide you.

Slide presentation:
Follow the suggested format below: (You should not exceed 10 slides)

Cover page – with the name of the event, student name and ID
1.Outline – the outline of the presentation in bullet points.
2.About the event – a brief background to the event.
Note: It should not be repeated word for word from Assessment 1, but rather a summary in bullet point form with referencing.
3.Feasibility research – a Strengths, Weaknesses,Opportunities and Threats(SWOT) analysis of the event.

Discuss economic, financial, social, environmental, operational, marketing or other factors that may either help or hinder the success of your event. Organise these factors into the four segments of your SWOT analysis.

4.Recommendation – Employ evidence from your research to justify whether the event should continue to be held in the future, proceed with improvements (identify the improvements), or be discontinued.

5.References – insert in-text citations on the slides next to relevant information and full reference list to show the sources you have used.

The video presentation (You should not exceed 7 minutes)
You should project enthusiasm and confidence as if you are presenting to a client. Pay attention to the volume, speed and tone of voice, your facial expressions and body language.

Tips on presentation skills

  • Presentation theme – It should be kept neat with simple colour themes. Avoid background photos that makes text hard to read.
  • Text font and size should be clear and easy to read.
  • Amount of text per slide – It is best to use point form instead oflarge paragraphs.
  • Verbal presentation – Can you be heard at the back of the room? The pace of the presentation should be neither too fast, nor too slow, so the audience can understand and process the content.
  • The presenter should elaborate on the points and not read directly from the slides.
  • Eye contact – Eye contact should be maintained with the audience through out the presentation.

Submission Instructions:
On campus students will give their presentation in class during Week 8. You must submit a copy of your slide presentation. Online students should submit your video presentation with a copy of your slide presentation.

Instruction on how to record, resize and upload a video file are located in the assessment area of Blackboard. If the file size of the slide presentation is too large, it should be saved and uploaded as a pdf file.

EVN101 Elemental Feasibility Presentation Assignment-Torrens University Australia.

EVN101 Elemental Feasibility Presentation Assignment-Torrens University Australia.

Submit this task via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in EVN101 Introduction to Events. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the Blackboard portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.

If submitting one document and a video, please note, once your first item has been uploaded, click ‘Browse Your Computer’ to attach the other item. Then click Final Submit button.

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