EDU5325 Child Abuse And Neglect Assignment – Australia.

Subject Code & Title :- EDU5325 Child Abuse And Neglect
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Weighting : 40%
Length : 1500 words (+/- 10%)
The early modules of the course explore macro level issues of child abuse and neglect; including history, theory, definitions, prevalence and impact. This assignment asks you to draw on your learning thus far to prepare an essay, which explores the causes and effects of one type of abuse. You may choose one (1) abuse type to focus your essay on, from physical, sexual, emotional/psychological abuse, neglect
or witnessing domestic and family violence.
EDU5325 Child Abuse And Neglect Assignment – Australia.

In your essay, you are to :
• Define and explain your chosen abuse type
• Critically analyse hoe this abuse type might occur using the theory using theories of child abuse neglect (eg. ecological, social learning etc)
• Discuss the prevalence of the abuse type, in the Australian and international context.
• Identify the human rights violations relevant to your chosen abuse type, with reference to the relevant documents (UNCRC/UNDRIP)

TIP. 1:
You must support all your responses with reference to credible and trustworthy literature.

TIP. 2:
You must cover all the elements of the task outlined above to succeed in this task.

TIP. 3: Critical thinking is highly valued in academic and professional contexts and is an expectation of this assessment. Ensure you are presenting a balanced analysis of perspectives from literature and research, comparing and contrasting various views and theories.

TIP. 4: Use only third person and do not use bullet points in an essay

Assignment :
Weighting: 50%
Length: 3000 words (+/- 10%)
Regardless of you professional context, you will be required to respond in some way to clients with histories of abuse/neglect. In some cases, the abuse and neglect might be current, or it might be historical but involved trauma or cumulative harm, the effects of which are ongoing and interfere with a person’s capacity to function in life and live a serene and fulfilling life.

EDU5325 Child Abuse And Neglect Assignment – Australia.

Your task for this assessment is to choose one of the five cases provided and analyse the case material provided. You will then apply relevant key concepts from the course to assess the risk and protective factors relevant to the case, analyse the impact of the harm and risk,and outline a response, drawing on literature, research and course content to justify your response.

Part A – Risk and Protection Analysis
The developmental-ecological model has four levels:

  1. cultural beliefs and values (macro system);
  2. neighbourhood and community settings (exo system);
  3. family environment (micro system); and
  4. the individual’s own characteristics and developmental stage

Using the developmental ecological model, conduct an analysis of the risk and protective factors relevant to the case you have chosen.
o Consider risk and protective factors across all the systems in the child’s life, including individual, family, community, school, etc; and
o Use literature to support your assessment of these factors

Part B – Discussion of implications
Clearly articulate the implications for the case study child/ren should the situation remain unaddressed,
• Evaluate the short and long term impacts of harm and risk on the case study children.
• Use literature to support your analysis of the risk and protective factors.

Part C Intervention and Prevention Plan
Outline and justify a response to your assessment of risk and harm (part A) and potential implications (part B).

Discuss the evidence based prevention and intervention measures you will implement within your professional context, with consideration for the three tiers of intervention;
• Universal/primary
• Secondary/targeted
• Tertiary

EDU5325 Child Abuse And Neglect Assignment

EDU5325 Child Abuse And Neglect Assignment – Australia.

Also identify the key stakeholders you will need to collaborate with in order to protect the child and build capacity in the family as a whole, and identify the relevant legislation that informs your response within your professional context

You do not need to reiterate the case scenario in your written assignment, instead a simple overview of the case study chosen is sufficient.

Your assignment requires an introduction and a conclusion, and must adhere to APA format/referencing

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