EDFD451 Early Childhood Assignment

Subject Code :-  EDFD451
Title :-  Early Childhood
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
All students will engage in a process of collaborative critical reflection and submit peer feedback to others. Response to this feedback will be incorporated and impacts in personal identity and philosophy of leadership articulated.
EDFD451 Early Childhood Assignment

EDFD451 Early Childhood Assignment

Students will be paired. Each student will provide to their pair a draft of their philosophy of leadership for which feedback will be given. The feedback will inform the completion of this work. Students will include in their submission a copy of the feedback and a 200-word response to that feedback. Feedback will be included in the 1000-word critical reflection on identity as leaders and advocates in early childhood.

EDFD451 Early Childhood Assignment

No more than 1200 words.

How to do assignment two

When you get your feedback, you will – review your philosophy considering the feedback.
Write a 300-word response to the feedback. You may write about what was suggested what the feedback had you consider, what if any changes you made to your philosophy and why.
What parts of the feedback you considered and decided not to use and why.

EDFD451 Early Childhood Assignment

– Then write your critical reflection. Use the rubric to help you with that.
– You submit and in the order, the following:

• 1000-word reflection.
• 200-word response to the feedback
• Philosophy. Note this is an appendix. Label it as such and refer to it in your writing.
…… (see appendix 1.3) as an example. I recommend that you use this sort of numbering to make it easier to find the section you are referring to. 1 being the appendix item and 3 being the paragraph or dot point in the philosophy (yes the philosophy should have this numbering on it – at least for this work).

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