DPR1502 Organisational Communication Assignment – Australia.

Subject Code & Title :- DPR1502 Organisational Communication
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Technical quality requirements
The Assignment should have a cover page a declaration page table of contents introduction body (assignment content) conclusion references in the text and list of sources consulted. There are marks for technical quality.

DPR1502 Organisational Communication Assignment – Australia.
DPR1502 Organisational Communication Assignment - Australia.

This assignment consists of two sections A and B. Both sections are based on lessons 3 and 4 and are all compulsory.

Section A
1.In your own words explain the following types of message functions:
Change functions
Organising functions
Relationship functions

2.Define the term Strategic Communication and explain its importance in communicating the organisational strategy and development of communication strategy.

3.You have been appointed as an executive director for marketing and communication at the Public Investment Corporation (PIC). The Public Investment Corporation SOC Limited (PIC) is an asset management firm wholly owned by the government of the Republic of South Africa, represented by the Minister of Finance. For more information on the company visit: we-are/about-us

Explain to the PIC top management and the Minister as the government share holders the strategies or drivers of communication integration that you will employ for organisational infrastructure of PIC

4.Organisations across all sectors of society are beginning to embrace the concept of communication integration. List and explain reasons for the move towards integration.

Section B
1.Communication network are the pattern of directions in which information flows in the organization. Channels of communication (networks by which information flows) are either formal networks or informal networks.

DPR1502 Organisational Communication Assignment – Australia.
DPR1502 Organisational Communication Assignment - Australia.

Differentiate between formal communication networks and informal communication networks.

2.Define the term Communication Integration.

3.As a public relations practitioner at your organisation describe to management how the organisation can manage its communication integration processes.

4.Strategy communication refers to the role a communicator or a public relations practitioner plays in the strategy-making process (development and implementation) and is a dynamic approach to strategic management.

DPR1502 Organisational Communication Assignment – Australia.

Globalisation and technology have influenced the Strategic Communication and this changed how organisation communicate with different stakeholders. Explain the Core driving forces toward an emerging paradigm of strategic

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