DHI405 Digital Informatics Assessment 3 – Australia.

Subject Code & Title :- DHI405 Digital Informatics
Assignment Type :- Assessment 3
Challenge Scenario 1: Expansion of health services with Tele health
The Context :-
Tele health was initiated in Australia around late 2007 (CSIRO 2012) to reach remote areas using technology. In 2021 the mandatory uptake of the technology rendered by the pandemic in 2020 has resulted in faster uptake by health professionals and patients across Australia. Tele health also makes it easier for medical practitioners to conduct inter-jurisdictional patient consultations. Some key points according to Medical Board of Australia (2021) include:
DHI405 Digital Informatics Assessment 3 – Australia.

DHI405 Digital Informatics Assessment 3 - Australia.

• GPs specialists and allied health service providers need to ensure that the systems they use to store patient data are secure and that their remote working environment and information handling practices comply with applicable privacy laws.
• Digital health technology providers need to ensure that their structures are secure and privacy law compliant. These include systems and practices of their third-party infrastructure providers (for example, Microsoft Cloud Services). Compliance with accepted information exchange protocols and integration with My Health Record is also required.
• Medical practitioners using technology to provide inter-jurisdictional medical consultations or services to patients in Australia have to be:

o registered with the Medical Board of Australia regardless of where the practitioner is located
o consider the appropriateness of a technology-based consultation for each patient’s circumstances
o comply with the requirements of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (2021) (the National Law) as in force in each State and Territory of Australia
o comply with the Medical Board of Australia’s registration standards codes and guidelines including the Professional Indemnity Insurance Registration Standard which requires that a medical practitioner is insured for all aspects of their medical practice.

DHI405 Digital Informatics Assessment 3 – Australia.

In this scenario a professional health services group located in rural New South Wales wishes to expand their services using tele health across to the Northern Territory (NT) Western Australia (WA) and South Australia (SA). The group currently includes doctors (GPs), specialist nurses physiotherapists and dental practitioners. The group wishes to include counselling and psychotherapy as services via tele health across the two new states.

For this assessment your group will act as a steering committee which will include:
• Representative/s from the health services
• Representative/s of existing clientele with lived experiences
• Representative/s members from two new states
• Representative/s client members from proposed states
• An advisory representative from the government.

The task of the steering committee (your group) would be to:
(1) Understand the context
(2) Evaluate strategies to implement telehealth practices
(3) Identify risks
(4) Prepare an action or roll out plan

The presentation will identify stakeholders from each of the groups (as above) and each member will assume a role. The presentation will require each role/member to inform the committee on
requirements risks steps to follow and guidance.

DHI405 Digital Informatics Assessment 3 – Australia.

Please note that true representation of all stakeholders is required, not on the basis of profession or
current roles but in terms of diversity. The steering committee will also need to include a chair person for the committee who will preside and also finalise on the actionable steps for each member.

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