DCAN 202 Data Communication And Networking Assignment-Kent Institute Australia.

Unit Code: DCAN 202
Unit Title: Data Communication and Networking
Type of Assessment: Assessment 3 – Group Report
Length/Duration: N/A
Assessment Task: Group Assignment
Weighting: 30% of total units marks
Submission Date: Week 10
DCAN 202 Data Communication And Networking Assignment-Kent Institute Australia.

DCAN 202 Data Communication And Networking Assignment-Kent Institute Australia.

Unit Learning Outcomes addressed:
1.Explain the purpose of the ISO-OSI model and TCP/IP and the significance to real-world networks such as LANS and the Internet
2.Explain in detail the architecture of LANS, the IEEE 802 standards for station addresses and frame format, and the operation of LAN switches, and outline shortcomings in LANS such as security and broadcasts
3.Describe in detail the architecture of the Internet, the operation of routing tables,routers and the operation of dynamic routing protocols and explain the purpose of layer 3 protocols and IP in particular, and the main fields in the IP packet header
5.Describe in detail the features and protocol formats for presentation and Application layers and outline the basic architecture of the World Wide Web and Internet email systems

Peninsula Medical Services (PMS) is a growing business. They have about 35 employees working from 2 different locations. PMS is now going to move into their own office in Perth. You have been newly appointed as Network
Administrator for PMS. The management wants to setup the new office for 18 Administrative Staffs and 7 Data Entry Operators. Office Staffs will be using the computer typically for accessing the Internet, word processing,shared printers, accessing centralized database and business data entry. Their Sales Team consists of 10 people.Sales Team need to be able to access the Corporate Network remotely.
Management also wishes to provide Wi-Fi connectivity in the reception area for day to day clients. When Sales Team comes to the office, they use Wi-Fi with their Laptops to access network.

PMS information communication team manager has appointed to lead this project to setup proposed new office network.

Your objective is to prepare and submit report on the following topics:

Prepare and draw the network diagram for this office setup. Mention all network devices clearly (like workstations, routers, servers, etc.) in the diagram.

Discuss desktop and server operating systems types are feasible for this setup. Explain with logic why do you choose each operating system.

Provide an appropriate solution for the Sales Team to connect to corporate network remotely by using their laptop.

Wireless LAN security is crucial as Sales Team will use Wi-Fi when they are in office, provide appropriate Network Security Solution for wireless LAN of this company.

DCAN 202 Data Communication And Networking Assignment-Kent Institute Australia.

DCAN 202 Data Communication And Networking Assignment-Kent Institute Australia.

Allocate appropriate IP address for all network devices in the network diagram including Sales Team logging remotely.

The assignment must be submitted online in Moodle. Where additional documents need to be attached, all materials MUST be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format. Other formats (e.g., pdf or MAC file) may not be readable by markers. Please be aware that any assessments submitted in other formats will be considered LATE and will lose marks until it is presented in MS Word. No paper based or hard copy submission will be accepted.

Content for Assessment Task papers should incorporate a formal introduction, main points and conclusion.

Appropriate academic writing and referencing are inevitable academic skills that you must develop and demonstrate in work being presented for assessment. The content of high quality work presented by a student
must be fully referenced within-text citations and a Reference List at the end. Kent strongly recommends you refer to the Academic Learning Support Workshop materials available on the Kent Learning Management System This Moodle Site is the location for Workbooks and information that are presented to Kent Students in the ALS Workshops conducted at the beginning of each Trimester.

Kent recommends a minimum of FIVE (5) references in work being presented for assessment. Unless otherwise specifically instructed by your Lecturer or as detailed in the Unit Outline for the specific Assessment Task, any paper with less than five (5) references may be deemed not meeting a satisfactory standard and possibly be failed.

Content in Assessment tasks that includes sources that are not properly referenced according to the “Harvard Referencing Workbook” will be penalised.

Marks will be deducted for failure to adhere to the word count if this is specifically stated for the Assessment Task in the Unit Outline. As a general rule there is an allowable discretionary variance to the word count in that it is generally accepted that a student may go over or under by 10% than the stated length.

References are assessed for their quality. Students should draw on quality academic sources, such as books,chapters from edited books, journals etc. The textbook for the Unit of study can be used as a reference, but not
the Lecturer Notes. The Assessor will want to see evidence that a student is capable of conducting their own research. Also, in order to help Assessors determine a student’s understanding of the work they cite, all in-text references (not just direct quotes) must include the specific page number(s) if shown in the original.

DCAN 202 Data Communication And Networking Assignment-Kent Institute Australia.

DCAN 202 Data Communication And Networking Assignment-Kent Institute Australia.

A search for peer-reviewed journal articles may also assist students. These type of journal articles can be located in the online journal databases and can be accessed from the Kent Library homepage. Wikipedia, online dictionaries and online encyclopaedias are acceptable as a starting point to gain knowledge about a topic, but should not be over-used – these should constitute no more than 10% of your total list of references/sources. Additional information and literature can be used where these are produced by legitimate sources, such as government departments, research institutes such as the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), or international organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO). Legitimate organisations and government departments produce peer reviewed reports and articles and are therefore very useful and mostly very current.

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