CSE3113 Principles of Software Engineering Assessment – Malaysia KDU PENANG University.

Course Code and Title : Principles of Software Engineering Assessment
Weighting: 30%
Assignment 1: Edification LMS Software
This assessment assesses the following course learning outcomes:
CLO2 Describe and compare various software development methods and understand the context in which each approach might be applicable. (C3, PLO2)
CSE3113 Principles of Software Engineering Assessment – Malaysia Kdu Penang University.

CSE3113 Principles of Software Engineering Assessment - Malaysia KDU PENANG University.

Academic Integrity Statement
You must adhere to the university college regulations on academic conduct. Formal inquiry proceedings will be instigated if there is any suspicion of plagiarism or any other form of misconduct in your work. Students must NOT collude with other groups of students or plagiarize their work.

Nature of the submission required:
A soft copy of your assignment in PDF version should be submitted to lecturer, no later than the date and time stipulated on the cover sheet. In addition, an electronic copy of your work must be submitted to Turnitin. The first page of your report, immediately after the cover page, must be a page from Turnitin clearly showing your name and your Originality Score.

Diagrams may be used where they are helpful to support your arguments or description. If they are not your own work, the source must be referenced. Please help us to handle and mark your work efficiently.

Documentation guidelines:
Student is required to submit a SOFTCOPY of the report and ensure that it use the following formatted styles: 1) Font type: ARIAL, 2) Font size: 11 pt., 3) Line spacing: Single spacing and 4) Page layouts: Justify. Please make sure you have proper format alignment for all paragraphs,following standard writing style and use HARVARD CITATION STYLE for citation. Please include a HEADER with the following information: Student ID, Student name, Course code and Assignment type. Please also include a proper cover page for your submission which contains information about the students, assignment, course, and department with UOWM KDU Penang University College on top. Also include page number and list of references, which is shown in the last page.

CSE3113 Principles of Software Engineering Assessment – Malaysia Kdu Penang University.

CSE3113 Principles of Software Engineering Assessment - Malaysia KDU PENANG University.

Penalties for Late Submission:
For late submission of this Assignment, a penalty of a reduction by 10% of the maximum mark may be applicable for each Calendar Day or part thereof that the submission is late. An Assignment submitted more than TEN Calendar Days after the deadline will have a mark of zero recorded for this Assignment.

Submission arrangement:
1.Cover page

2. Turnitin similarity report

3.Table of Content

4.Main Report

5.Reference List or Bibliography List (whichever applicable)

6.Marking Rubric (in landscape orientation)

Edification Learning Management System:
As Software development engineer in UOWM KDU Penang UC, you are required to build a sharable e-learning platform for your university. Edification Learning Management Systems (LMS) platform powered by cloud computing would allow the independent LMS embedded in various e-Learning standards to share their learning objects, modules, and content. Basically, cloud computing will encourage the sharing of a wide range of learning objects, allowing students and instructors to access them online easily. The project has a three-layer architecture to facilitate sharing learning modules, reusing them, and interoperability among different learning content efficiently. The middle layer of the infrastructure contains an indexing module and a metadata transformation module to encourage the exchange of metadata among acknowledged e-Learning standards. The proposed Edification LMS platform based on Cloud computing infrastructure would allow the independent LMS embedded in different e-Learning standards to share the learning objects. In short, you can say cloud computing will help huge amount of learning objects to be accessed reliably and flexibly over the Internet.

Prior to the development phase, you are required to review the relevant cloud-based learning management systems that are available in the market. Produce a report in 1500 – 2000 words that synthesize, critically discuss, and evaluate the following components:

Task 1: Identifying Software requirements
1.User requirements Statements in natural language plus diagrams of the services the system provides and its operational constraints. Written for customers.

2) System requirements: A structured document setting out detailed descriptions of the system’s functions, services, and operational constraints. Defines what should be implemented so may be part of a contract between client and developer.’

3) Functional and non-functional requirements: Statements of services the system should provide, how the system should react to inputs and how the system should behave situations. You may state what the system should not
do.Constraints on the services or functions offered by the system such as timing constraints, constraints on the development process and standards. Often apply to the system rather than individual features or services.

4) Usability requirements:
Usability requirements deal with how easy it is for users to make use of the system.Because there are two basic types of users (humans and other systems), there are different approaches to expressing these requirements. In general, usability when applied to system-to-system interfaces deals with the complexity of the interfaces, their ease of implementation, and their efficiency of operation. When applied to human, usability deals with the complexity of the interfaces relative to the how operators can operate with them, the ease of learning, and the efficiencies with which operators can exploit the services provided by the system.

CSE3113 Principles of Software Engineering Assessment – Malaysia Kdu Penang University.

CSE3113 Principles of Software Engineering Assessment - Malaysia KDU PENANG University.

Task 2: Discussion on Agile Software engineering
On top of Edification LMS platform, you are required to develop a software product to help manage student admissions at UOWM KDU Penang UC. Your agile development team suggests that they create several small releases that potential customer can try and then provide feedback. Discuss critically on this idea and suggest why it may not be acceptable to the system’s users.

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