CSE2SDX Information System Development Assignment 3 – Australia

Subject Code & Title :- CSE2SDX Information System Development
Assessment Type :- Assignment 3
Background :- Properprop is an Australian real estate company involved in a variety of real estate investments and activities. The company has a large number of customers who require a range of different real estate related services.
CSE2SDX Information System Development Assignment 3 – Australia

CSE2SDX Information System Development Assignment 3 - Australia

Properprop has a website that assists customers in finding suitable properties to rent or purchase. Customers can search the website for properties based on suburb and price. If a customer can’t find any matches they are asked to contact the company via phone or online messaging to ask the company to search on their behalf. A Properprop agent then searches other real estate databases that they have access to for potential matches. If the agent finds any matches they then contact the real estate companies responsible for those properties and update the customer on their findings.

If a property is found that the customer wants to inspect they can make an appointment with an agent to view the property. After the inspection if the customer decides to buy or rent the property the responsible agent will prepare the relevant paperwork. The agent then makes a record of the property data and the buyer tenant’s information for future use.

As a result of increasing demand for their services Properprop has decided to design and implement a web-based information system to assist in the management of their processes. It is envisaged that the information systems will manage the over all operational activities and processes of the organisation from property management through to the management of real estate agencies individual agents clients and all related financial transactions. The system will be required to provide comprehensive reports for the purpose of analyzing the real estate agency’s performance and efficiency. These reports will enable Properprop’s management to make better informed decisions.

The system should address as a minimum the following requirements:
• Assist customers to search for different properties based on:
o Property type i.e., house town house unit apartment vacant block.
o Price range
o Suburb, address, postcode
o Min and max bedrooms and/or min and max bathrooms
o Car spaces
o Availability date
• Assist customers to register their information and preferences
• Inform registered prospective customers by email whenever a property that matches their preferences becomes available
• Maintain all properties in the database and keep seller and owner information

You are asked to analyse and design an information system for the above scenario using object-oriented methodology.

You can make any reasonable assumptions about the case scenario.

CSE2SDX Information System Development Assignment 3 – Australia

Tasks :-
Task 1 – Project Plan
You are working as a Project Manager for the contractor that Properprop has selected to develop the web-based information system. As the Project Manager you will need to complete the following:

1- Define the Project statement. This is to include the project goals and project objectives all in one paragraph.
2- Define the project phases. This is to include breaking the project statement of intent into a series of phases that will take it from conception to completion.
3- Define all deliverables. This is to include listing the deliverables and outlining what is necessary for those deliverables to be deemed as being successfully delivered (sub-deliverables work packages resources participants etc.).
4- Break the deliverables down into every task and sub task necessary to deliver them. Note that you will need to break the high-level tasks down into at least one more level (sub task). Assign the estimated number of days to each story point. You also need to determine dependencies between tasks.

Table 1 Project Plan Template.

CSE2SDX Information System Development Assignment 3 - Australia

Task 2 – Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

From what has been identified in Task 1 use Microsoft Project to prepare a Work Break down Structure (WBS). In the WBS you should create a task hierarchy describing all work necessary for carrying out and completing the project.
The hierarchical organization of tasks (top-level tasks and sub tasks) in the WBS should include:
• Planned start and end dates
• Required milestones for deliverables
• The estimated duration to complete the work (including whatever timing constraints that may influence the completion of tasks)
• Lags and leads to control task timing
• Dependencies between the tasks

CSE2SDX Information System Development Assignment 3 – Australia

Task 3 – Gantt Chart
Based on your WBS developed in Task 2 use Microsoft Project to create a Gantt chart showing bars for task timing. Please make sure that your Gantt chart shows the CP (Critical Path).

Task 4 – Task Network Diagram
Based on your WBS use Microsoft Project to draw a Task Network Diagram for the activities and show the Critical Path.

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