CSE2OSX – Assessment 2 Operating System Components


This is an individual assignment. Students are not permitted to work in a group when writing this assignment.


Copying and Plagiarism

This is an individual assignment. Students are not permitted to work in a group when writing this assignment. Plagiarism is the submission of another person’s work in a manner that gives the impression that the work is their own. La Trobe University treats plagiarism seriously. When detected, penalties are strictly imposed.


Submission Guidelines

Your assignment submission should be typed, not written/drawn by hand. Submit the electronic copy of your assignment through the subject Learning Portal. Submission after the deadline will incur a penalty of 5% of the available assignment mark per day capped at 5 days. No assignment will be accepted after 5 days. If you have encountered difficulties that lead to late submission or no submission, you should apply for special consideration.


Part 1

In part 1 you are asked to demonstrate your understanding about the CPU. For this purpose, you need to write a scientific report of 600 words outlining the following topics: Task 1: The challenge of multi-core processors (5 marks) Task 2: The challenge of process scheduling in a multi-core processors environment (5 marks) Task 3: Name some examples of real-life computing environments that are expected to benefit from multi-core processors and explain why. (5 marks)  


Part 2

There is a performance gap between processors and main memory which cache memories aim to bridge. Your task is to write a scientific research report of 600 words, addressing the following tasks: Task 1: Review issues that operating system designers face in the implementation of highly optimized cache memories. (5 marks) Task 2: Survey techniques that can be used to tackle the reviewed issues in Task 1. (5 marks) Write your report in simple, easy to understand English. You must assume that your reader has a very limited knowledge of operating systems. Most importantly, it is ESSENTIAL to SUPPORT your statements with the references that you used to write the report. You may use the textbook as the starting point for the material you need, however the essay will be deemed unsatisfactory/fail in standard if the textbook is your only reference. It is expected that your report will have a minimum of 5 different references. Whenever you research computer technology, make sure your resources are timely. Notice the date when the research was published. Also, be sure to validate the authenticity of your sources. Avoid any that might be questionable, such as blogs and publicly edited online (wiki) sources.


Assessment Marking Criteria Operating System Components


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