CS050 Reflective Writing Assignment – Australia.

Subject Code & Title : CS050 Reflective Writing
Assessment Type :- Assignment
length : 350-500 words
In this assignment, you will read, reflect and respond to an assigned reading, audio and/or video.
Before you begin writing,read the article or website the instructor has assigned; listen to any additional audio or video.Then write a response to your reading,using the following guide questions.Your response
should be in paragraph format, 350-500 words in length. Use appropriate grammar and word choice in
your writing.See rubric for details. View the sample reflective writing assignments to help guide your
CS050 Reflective Writing Assignment – Australia.

CS050 Reflective Writing Assignment - Australia.

Summarize :
1.Identify the author and title of the article
2.Using at least two APA paraphrases, outline the key point or main idea. Use the paraphrases to shorten up your description of the article.
3.You may choose to focus on one aspect of the article for the rest of the reflection

Critical Analysis :
1.Is the author an expert on this topic? How do you know?
2.What support does the author provide for his/her point of view? Are these reasons valid?
3.Does the author show any bias or prejudgments about the topic?
4.Has the author left out any important facts or points of view?
5.Is this information up-to-date?

1.Did you know anything about this topic before you read this article?
2.Do you agree or disagree with the author? Why?

1.Share your knowledge and experiences with this topic, even if this is new to you.
2.Identify any personal bias you may have about this topic.
3.Identify where your ideas originated from, including experiences, cultural and family background, other
sources of information.
4.If you use information from other sources, cite it using an APA quotation or paraphrase.

a.identify opinions that you may not agree with; consider these with respect. Even though you don’t agree, you should show that you have some understanding of where these ideas come from (context).
b.Identify individuals who are affected by the ideas the author has presented. Are there others who are
excluded from the author’s writing or discussion about this topic?

CS050 Reflective Writing Assignment – Australia.

CS050 Reflective Writing Assignment - Australia.

Key Findings:
1.Identify what you’ve learned from the readings
2.Indicate whether you agree or disagree and tell why
3.Identify steps you may take to add to your understanding of this topic (additional reading,talking to
experts, videos, etc.)

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