CPC105 Chronic Condition Assignment 4 – Australia

Subject Code and Title :- CPC105 Care of Persons with a Chronic Condition
Assessment :- Theory assessment: Case Study Develop a care plan
Individual/Group :- Individual
Length :- 1500 words (+/- 10%)
CPC105 Chronic Condition Assignment 4 – Australia

CPC105 Chronic Condition Assignment 4 - Australia

Learning Outcomes :-
The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:
a) Explore and discuss the impact of chronic health problems on care planning needs of a person family and community using an evidence-based approach.
b) Develop a person-centred care plan for the person with a chronic health problem through health promotion education disease prevention and self-care.
c) Demonstrate clinical reasoning through nursing assessment interventions and evaluation to support the health care of persons with chronic health problems.
d) Discuss legal, professional and ethical considerations in care delivery.
e) Explain and integrate the impact of co-morbidities quality use of medicines principles risks to self and others into care plans.
f) Demonstrate interprofessional collaboration in developing holistic person-centred care plans.

Task Summary :-
For this assessment you are required to prepare a care plan in consultation with the patient and her family members for managing her chronic health condition using an inter professional and holistic person centred approach The aim of this care plan is to enable the patient her family and her inter professional health care team to plan and coordinate on going health care for her life long complex chronic condition. For this individual assessment you have been given a hypothetical case study of a patient suffering from a chronic condition see the Appendix 1B. Further information has been added to this case study for this assessment task.

Context :-
This assessment task provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate the theoretical knowledge you have acquired in CPC105 by the development of a care plan for a patient with a complex chronic health condition. This assessment allows you to demonstrate your skills in the planning of holistic inter professional and person-centred care while focusing on health promotion education disease prevention and self-care.

CPC105 Chronic Condition Assignment 4 – Australia

Task Instructions
To complete this task, utilise the nursing/clinical decision-making process model below:

You are required to:
1.Complete the Torrens University Nursing Care Plan template that you will find in the assessment resources area with the following information:
a) Assessment data – Firstly outline the assessment data subjective and objective obtained from the case study provided. Secondly what other assessment data subjective and objective) would you need to collect in order to conduct a holistic assessment? Please note how this data would be collected.
b)Nursing diagnosis/Collaborative problems – Based upon this assessment identify and list two nursing problems the patient is experiencing and two collaborative problems the patient is experiencing.
c)Planning Expected outcomes – This is where goals and outcomes are formulated that directly impact patient care. These expected outcomes/goals should be written as per the SMART system S – specific M – measurable A – achievable R – realistic T – timely and include both short term and long term outcomes goals.
d) Nursing interventions – Expand upon all four of these problems and describe the nursing and inter professional interventions that should be implemented to provide holistic patient-centred care. You are to provide rationales for each of these interventions supported by current relevant evidence.
e)Evaluation – This evaluation is to occur to determine if the goals expected outcomes have been achieved Please evaluate the interventions specifying patient data that would indicate patient improvement and deterioration. As you are not providing care to this person in the real world, you need to detail what you would expect to see if the patient was improving due to the implementation of these interventions. Additionally you need to detail what you would expect to see if these interventions were not successful and the patient was deteriorating.

CPC105 Chronic Condition Assignment 4 – Australia

Please remember that this unit is about caring for persons with a chronic condition Therefore the focus of your care plan should be on health promotion education disease prevention and self-care and should focus on the patient her family and the community setting. Please also be aware of the following requirements:

1.Present your own original work using multiple academic references from academic books peer reviewed scientific journal articles and other credible sources (.edu, .gov and .org webpages).
2.No introduction and conclusion required for this assessment task.
3.Headings can be used for this assessment task.
4.Dot points can be used in the care plan template.
5.Adhere to the word count (1200 words (+/-10%)) excluding the reference list.
6.Your assessment must be submitted as a word document and not in protected view.
7.Your assessment should be in 12-point font Arial or Times New Roman 1.5 line spaced and a minimum of 2.5cm margins.

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