COMP2310 Digital Forensics Assignment 2-Macquarie University Australia.

This assignment deals with the recovery of digital evidence. On successful completion, you will be able to
• Engage with material learned in COMP2310;
• Develop and follow suitable processes when performing incident response and conducting digital forensics investigations;
• Evaluate a practical case with respect to digital forensic investigations;
• Use appropriate tools and techniques to collect and recover data from a variety of digital sources; and
• Communicate effectively the results of an investigation following professional standards.
COMP2310 Digital Forensics Assignment 2-Macquarie University Australia.

COMP2310 Digital Forensics Assignment 2-Macquarie University Australia.

Network Forensics
Suppose you receive a letter from a friend, who is suspicious that a neighbor is up to no good. Your friend has not heard anything from the neighbor in a while. However, your friend did capture some of the neighbor’s packets about a week ago. Putting the ethical sides of the problem aside, help your friend figure out where the neighbor has gone and what the neighbor is up to.

You may use Wire Shark to analyze the captured traffic.
Ex. 1 — What is the neighbor’s name?
Ex. 2 — What is the neighbor’s email address?
Ex. 3 — What is the neighbor’s email password?
Ex. 4 — What are the email addresses (at least two) of the neighbor’s correspondents? What is the email of the correspondent the neighbor is most likely have gone to visit?
Ex. 5 — What is the name of the file containing the meeting location?
Ex. 6 — Where are they meeting and what is the correspondent bringing?

Apps’ Forensics:
Suppose you were hired by Google to analyze the recently published (suspicious) Android application on Google Play store: Mob In Cube1 As digital forensics expert, you opt to perform static and dynamic analysis
of these apps. Essentially, you may use mitm web to analyze the network traffic sent and received by Mob InCube.

Ex. 7 — What is the Phone Model and network carrier name (carrier Name) on which MobInCube was run?

Ex. 8 — What is location (latitude and longitude) value shared

Ex. 9 — Visit privacy policy of Mob In Cube whether or not the app is transparent about the information they collect?

Ex. 10 — What are your recommendations on the security and privacy options of the app? Would you recommend this app to user? Why or why not?

You need to prepare a forensic report with a maximum of 2000 words. You need to explain the procedures to answer the above mentioned questions (i.e., Ex. 1–10).

COMP2310 Digital Forensics Assignment 2-Macquarie University Australia.

COMP2310 Digital Forensics Assignment 2-Macquarie University Australia.
  • Acquisition – Describe the process in which you acquired evidence. You should be comprehensive in detailing your process/methodology.
  • Analysis – This can vary based on the scope of your analysis, but you should describe what tools/techniques (if you are using other than Wireshark) you used as well as your results. If you used multiple tools you should provide tool version numbers so your results can be cross-validated by another examiner. You should provide enough information so another examiner who was provided your evidence files should be able to confirm/dispute your findings.
  • Steps Taken – Be detailed. Remember, your results should be reproducible. Include software and hardware used. Do not forget to include version numbers. You also need to include screenshots of your practical analysis to demonstrate various steps of investigation.
  • Evidence – This should include the answers to the above mentioned questions with screenshots (e.g.,the content of email).

COMP2310 Digital Forensics Assignment 2-Macquarie University Australia.


  • There is a 10% threshold for the word count. The maximum word length is 2000 words and the minimum word length is 1500. There are penalties of 5% per 100 words over 2000 or under the 1500 word limit.
  • No fancy fonts and 1.5 to double-spacing to be used at all times.
  • All work submitted must be authored by the student submitting the work or where material from other sources is included it must be referenced using IEEE referencing.
  • Students found to have plagiarised will be dealt with according to university regulations.
  • Students should submit a single word or pdf file.
  • The assignment is to be submitted via iLearn.
  • The assignment is due 31 May, 9 pm.

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