CLWM4100 Taxation Law Assignment

Instructions: This is an individual assignment. All questions must be attempted.

CLWM4100 Taxation Law

Assessment Topic: Analysis of a contemporary Taxation issue. Transfer pricing

Weighting: 20% of the overall subject mark

Total Marks:

  • Written report (15 marks)
  • Video (5 marks)

Task: CLWM4100 Taxation Law Assignment

Required: Answer the questions, in a maximum of 1000 words or approximately 250 words per question. You are to deliver a 1-minute video presentation summarizing your assignment. This assignment must be presented as an individual effort. The assignment requires individual research using a range of tax resources. It is expected you will survey the relevant literature, including decided cases, and select appropriate additional resources.

You are expected to identify the facts and issues presented by each question, identify and apply the relevant legislation and/or case law, and reach a conclusion. This assessment assesses your research skills, your ability to synthesize an original piece of work to specific content requirements. It also assesses your written communication skills. Your reasons for your conclusions and recommendations must be based on your research into the relevant cases and legislation.

Assignment details: Written Report (15 marks)

Assignment question

1) Explain what is transfer pricing (3 Marks)

Video Presentation (5 marks)

Deliver a 1-minute presentation to explain your assignment

Marking Rubric: CLWM4100 Taxation Law Assignment

CLWM4100_Taxation Law

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