Clinical Governance Poster Presentation 10193 Assignment 3 – Australia.

Subject Code & Title : Clinical Governance Poster Presentation 10193
Format: Poster Presentation
Assessment Type : Assignment 3
The purpose of this assessment is to link a Quality Improvement Initiative with the potential for improving patient outcomes and Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) RN standards for practice.
Clinical Governance Poster Presentation 10193 Assignment 3 – Australia.

Clinical Governance Poster Presentation 10193 Assignment 3 - Australia.

Topic :
Clinical Governance is a framework that outlines a set of relationships and responsibilities between government, health service providers and health service users to ensure everyone involved from clinicians to board members are “accountable to patients and the community for assuring the delivery of health services that are safe, effective,integrated, high quality and continuously improving (Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, 2017, P.iii). Indeed, the impetus for the development of the National Model Clinical Governance Framework was in part a response to the failure of health services to take corrective action in response to identified patient safety risks and failures.

In order to be successful in this assessment task students are required to:
1.Identify a quality issue in clinical practice based on an observed or a hypothetical scenario where patient
safety outcomes were compromised or were at risk of being compromised.
2.Undertake a root cause analysis ie. explore the workplace factors impacting the quality issue chosen using a quality tool such as SWOT analysis or Ishikawa Fish bone.
3.Provide an outline for a Quality Improvement initiative that addresses the identified problem and explains how patient outcomes can be improved.Links relevant NMBA RN Standards for practice with the project.
4.Succinctly and attractively present this information in a one page poster.

Clinical Governance Poster Presentation 10193 Assignment 3 – Australia.

Clinical Governance Poster Presentation 10193 Assignment 3 - Australia.

Presentation guidelines:
This assignment is to be submitted in Poster Presentation format.

Presentation is to be professional, clear and visually appealing with use of image and text.

File format must be compatible with Canvas-Commons What-types-of document-and-media-files-can-be-shared-to-Commons/ta-p/1792);

Other requirements include:
Student number should be included on the poster.
Resources utilised to support the information contained within the Poster should be referenced and a Reference list provided forma#ed as per APA 7th edition requirements should be provided. A Reference list can be provided via use of a QR code or link to an online document or as a separate document submitted to the drop box.

As with all academic assessments, students are required to comply with the University’s policy and procedure for assessment items, inclusive of ensuring academic integrity of their work. All work must be the students original work.Any suspicions of academic misconduct will be referred to the ADE as per university policy.

This Assessment addresses the following Unit Learning Outcomes:
1.Examine the critical role of nursing in clinical governance;
2.Evaluate the key skills of clinical management for quality-improvement;
4.Discuss and describe the use of risk frameworks to aid identification and amelioration of clinical risk;
6.Critically analyse the role of nurses in advocating for improved patient outcomes.

and related graduate attributes include:
1. UC graduates are professional. UC graduates can:
1.employ up-to-date and relevant knowledge and skills;
1.communicate effectively;
1.use creativity, critical thinking, analysis and research skills to solve theoretical and real-world problems;
5.display initiative and drive, and use their organisation skills to plan and manage their workload;
1. UC graduates are global citizens. UC graduates can:
1.think globally about issues in their profession;
1.make creative use of technology in their learning and professional lives

Clinical Governance Poster Presentation 10193 Assignment 3 – Australia.

Clinical Governance Poster Presentation 10193 Assignment 3 - Australia.

1.UC graduates are lifelong learners. UC graduates can:
2.reflect on their own practice, updating and adapting their knowledge and skills for continual professional and academic development;
1.evaluate and adopt new technology.

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