CHCLEG001 Work Legally & Ethically Assignment – Australian Child Care Career Option.

Subject Code & Title : CHCLEG001 Work Legally & Ethically
Assessment Type : Assignment
SECTION TWO: PROJECT : For this assessment you are to work through four issues- 2 legal and 2 ethical, that occur in a children’s service or simulated environment. The issue doesn’t have to be significant and may include a situation that takes a service’s quality levels from working towards or meeting to exceeding or excellent. For example: Reworking an administrative practice, increasing privacy, working with a child or family to meet their needs.
CHCLEG001 Work Legally & Ethically Assignment – Australian Child Care Career Option.

CHCLEG001 Work Legally & Ethically Assignment - Australian Child Care Career Option.

Situation 1: Legal Issue

Situation 2: Legal Issue

Situation 3: Ethical Issue

Situation 4: Ethical Issue


Read the following case study and answer the questions to follow. Ensure you refer to legislation, ethics, policies and your job description in your answers.

You have been working at ACCCO Children’s Service for about a year. In your first week at the service, Matthew and Tam sin started too. You clearly remember their parents Brenda and Simon being heavily involved in their children’s care, both would come to drop off and pick up the children, and both signed the enrollment form.

About six months ago, you noticed a difference in the family with Brenda coming separately to Simon for pickup/drop off and both parents started making negative comments about each other. About a month later,Brenda told you that she and Simon had separated, and Simon was moving out on the weekend. Brenda made it clear that they weren’t going to reconcile, and she makes statements about how Simon has been spending all their money gambling and was spending too much time at the pub with his mates.

Last month, Brenda arrived with Michael and introduced him as her boyfriend. They both picked up and boyfriend. They both picked up and
dropped off the children together from then on and more recently Matthew and Tamsin have been calling (Michael) “Daddy”. Last weekend, Michael officially moved in with Brenda and her children, but Brenda asked you not to tell anyone especially Simon.

Meanwhile, Matthew’s behaviour has changed at the service. He has become more and more clingy and has had several emotional outbursts involving aggression. Brenda, and Michael have been buying Matthew and Tam sin expensive toys lately and they bring them to the service to show the off. This has been causing disruption in the service. The family are continually forgetting to bring things for the children three times in the last week they’ve forgotten to bring in a hat and several times this month they’ve not provided lunch for their children.

Other Educators are not aware of this situation but are becoming increasingly concerned with the change in both Tam sin and Matthew. You don’t want to share the information you know as you’ve been asked to keep it to yourself, however you feel you need to talk to others who need to know.

CHCLEG001 Work Legally & Ethically Assignment – Australian Child Care Career Option.

Then today, Brenda arrived and asked you to take Simon off the enrollment form and put Michael as the Father. She said to you she doesn’t want Simon to pick them up anymore and not to refer to him as ‘Daddy’ around the children. She also wanted you to treat Michael as the children’s father.

Question 1.
What is Brenda’s legal rights in this situation?

Question 2.
What is Simon’s legal rights in this situation?

Question 3.
What is Michael’s legal rights in this situation?

Question 4.
How are you going to manage Brenda’s request for taking Simon off the enrollment form?

Question 5.
What legislation would guide your actions in this situation? What does say?

Question 6.
What does the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child say that could support your response?

Question 7.
You have decided it is now time you must tell others about the family situation. Describe how you’ll abide by confidentiality guidelines when doing this.

Question 8.
What service policies cover these above situation/s?

Question 9.
If your service policies do not cover the above situations, how could you address this issue? Include how you could contribute to the development and/or review of policies to support this situation.

Question 11.
a) Who would be the appropriate person to tell about the family’s situation? Explain why.
b) Who would it not be appropriate to tell? Explain why.

As you tell one staff member Rhonda, she tells you that you’ve made a very bad decision as the children are in danger of being abused because of his gambling and drinking. After all, that is exactly what happened to a friend of hers when she was a child. Rhonda tells you that she will not release children to him if he ever comes to collect them during her shift.

Question 12.
Is this a conflict of interest? Why/ Why not?

Question 13.
How will you respond to this?

Question 14.
Who will you report this to?

CHCLEG001 Work Legally & Ethically Assignment – Australian Child Care Career Option.

CHCLEG001 Work Legally & Ethically Assignment - Australian Child Care Career Option.

Question 15.
Brenda has now told you she is going to make a formal complaint to your manager about you not following her wishes and telling people when she asked you not to. While you feel very confident you have met the law and ethical responsibilities throughout, you recognise her right to make a complaint. How will you respond to Brenda including informing her of the complaint process and the procedure to follow

Question 16.
Reflect on your responses throughout this case study. The services job description for your role says, ‘educators must recognise your own personal values and attitudes and take these into account to ensure non-judgmental practice’. Describe two ways you have you met your job requirements regardless of your values and attitudes?

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