CHCADV002 Provide Advocacy And Representation Services Assignment

Unit Code :- CHCADV002
Unit Title :- Provide advocacy and representation services.
Assessment Task :- Task Two – Case studies
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
Student Assessment Instructions
1. This Case Study may require you to work in groups/alone (The assessor will provide details of the group format).
2. You need access to the project instructions to complete this task. As this is an open-book task you may also access a learner guide the internet and/or other resources.
3. You must satisfactorily complete all sections of the assessment and submit these to your assessor.
Ask your assessor to clarify any aspect you are unsure about in this assessment task.
4. You may be asked to explain your responses if the assessor needs any clarification.
CHCADV002 Provide Advocacy And Representation Services Assignment

CHCADV002 Provide Advocacy And Representation Services Assignment

Required Resources
1. You will need to have access to relevant legislation, standards and codes, industry practices and student book resources.

i. You must submit the completed assessment cover sheet and your assessment by online submission with in the allocated time.
ii. Ensure you keep a copy of your submitted work. Assessments submitted without a completed cover sheet will not be accepted.

When and where will this assessment take place?
a. This assessment may be undertaken in a simulated environment/in a classroom/at home – to be discussed with the assessor.
b. Your assessor will provide you with the due date, which can be recorded in the assessment plan.
c. Your assessor may also specify the length of time allowed and the expected word count, if applicable.

What if the assessment is not suitable?
1.If you are unable to provide sufficient evidence with the written assessment method your assessor may be able to provide you with an alternative method. Discuss this with your assessor.

What happens if your answers are not satisfactory?
i. If any of the assessment responses are not satisfactory your assessor will provide you with feedback.
You may need to resubmit some or all the assessment tasks. Your assessor will explain the details for your reassessment.
ii. In most cases you will be allowed a maximum of three attempts.
iii. If you are not satisfied with your assessment result you have the right to lodge an appeal. Ask your assessor or contact the Course Coordinator for more information.

CHCADV002 Provide Advocacy And Representation Services Assignment

Case Study Instructions

i. Read the scenarios and answer the questions below for each of the scenarios.

1 Section 1 – Scenario 1

Katie works with an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in a remote part of Australia.
She has been approached by a group of leaders in the community to assist them raise an issue they want to change.

Their concern is that the price for fruit and vegetables is very high while the quality of the food is low. There is only one local store and the owner claims transportation costs result in high prices. The community leaders know that low fruit and vegetable consumption is a contributing factor in the high levels of ill health in the community. The high cost of fruit and vegetables means that the local people do not buy them.

The objective of the community is to reduce prices, increase the quality of the available fruit and vegetables and see an increase in the levels of consumption of fruit and vegetables with the longer term aim of improving health status in the community.

Required Evidence

Q1 Identify two strategies that could be used as a part of a framework for pursuing the promotion of relevant interests of the community.

Q2 Describe an opportunity that Katie can use to reflect, promote and represent the interests on behalf of the community she represents.

Q3  How can Katie determine the potential impact the developments and decisions will have on objectives and priorities of the community?

Q4 How can Katie determine the success of the representation and how it will be measured?

Q5 Provide two examples of the types of reports that may be required by key people.

CHCADV002 Provide Advocacy And Representation Services Assignment

CHCADV002 Provide Advocacy And Representation Services Assignment

2 Section 2 – Scenario 2
You are representing a group of small aged care services that require additional resources to continue to operate.
While the group is happy for you to meet with decision-makers to lobby many are nervous about direct action such as marches as they receive government funding and do not want to lose this. The people they represent how ever want to see a quicker response to the representation and feel that direct action and media coverage would be more successful.

Before you can begin the representation process you need to discuss options with the organising committee and then seek the authorisation of the board of management of your organisation.

Required Evidence

Q1 Identify any potential areas of conflict in this case study and suggest two strategies to address them.

Q2 Describe how you could work with the organising committee and board of management to maximise the effectiveness for the group you represent.

Q3 After an evaluation there may be some adjustments required to the strategy. Provide two examples of adjustments that may be required.

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