CAR10001 Planning For Career Success Assessment 2 – Swinburne University Australia.

Subject Code & Title: CAR10001 Planning For Career Success
Word/time limit: 1500 (+/- 10%)
Weighting: 35%
Assignment Type: Assessment 2
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CAR10001 Planning For Career Success Assessment 2 – Swinburne University Australia.

CAR10001 Planning For Career Success Assessment 2 - Swinburne University Australia.

Assignment Overview:
Once you have a solid sense of yourself, of who you are and what you are looking for in a career, the next steps are to get a handle on how the world of work operates and research your desired field in detail.

Through your study you may already have a good idea of a job or industry you want to work in. In the career planning process however, you’re challenged to think beyond what you know now and aim for a career that you can aspire to. By matching your assessment of yourself with research that looks at the details of a career path, you can look at what you need to do now to prepare for gaining your ideal job in the future.

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to explore and profile a job and industry that you aspire to work in. This draws on what you have learned about yourself in Week 2 (the first stage of career planning), and will prepare you to set clear career goals in Week 4.

This assignment supports unit learning outcomes 2, 3 and 5:

Assignment Details:
You’re to write a 1500-word research report on a career pathway, including a specific industry and occupation.

In choosing an industry and job to research, you should think about an occupation that you’re not yet job-ready for but could be with further experience, education, training and skills development. The occupation does not have to be from your discipline or current areas of expertise. Throughout this assignment and the unit, we will refer to this as your
ideal job.

CAR10001 Planning For Career Success Assessment 2 – Swinburne University Australia.

CAR10001 Planning For Career Success Assessment 2 - Swinburne University Australia.

The readings and activities in Week 3 will help you establish an industry and occupation to aim for based on self-assessment activities completed in Week 2.

Note that this assignment must be written in third person. For tips on writing in an impersonal third person style, refer to Section 6 – Written style in Writing at University:

Your assignment should follow a business report format as follows:
Executive summary:
Provide a short, sharp, summary of the main content areas in the report. This should include a summary of the background to your research, the purpose of your report, methods used to conduct research, the main findings and main recommendations.Please note: the executive summary is not included in the overall word limit.

Table of contents:
The table of contents should show the structure of the report, especially the relation between sections and sub-sections.

In your introduction, provide information on the purpose of your report and the approach you took with it. Provide a general overview of the structure and content of the report.

In the findings section, outline what you discovered in your research. For this career profile, your findings should focus on the following:

  • Ideal industry overview. Provide a brief summary of your ideal industry.
  • Ideal job. What is the job? What does a person in this role do?
  • Skills and knowledge pathways. What discipline-related skills are associated with your ideal job? Which employ ability and future work skills are important? What personal attributes would you need? What are the important knowledge and skills areas?
  • Education and training pathways. What are the study requirements and training pathways for this occupation?
  • Job prospects. What are the prospects in your ideal job—salary, working hours, career development? What is the future of this industry and occupation—labour market trends, employment opportunities, growth potential?

Conclusion and recommendations:
The conclusion should summarise the key findings of your report and address the purpose of your report. The recommendations should then present the actions that you should take in order to improve your readiness for the ideal job. Consider the following:

  • How ready are you for this occupation?
  • What skills, attributes and training might you need to be ready to apply for your ideal job?

Details Overview:
This assignment will be submitted through Canvas. When you are ready to submit your assignment, select the ‘Start Assignment’ button at the top of this page. You will be taken to the ‘File Upload’ tab where you can choose your file or submit your URL.

Please note: When you submit your assignment through Canvas, you are also submitting the assignment through Turnitin, which is a text-matching service that compares your work with an international database of information sources. You will need to agree to using it.

Once you have submitted your assignment, select ‘Submission Details’ on the right of your screen to view your originality report if you haven’t already done so.

Re submissions after the due date without prior approval from your Unit
Coordinator may not be marked.

Assignment support:
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CAR10001 Planning For Career Success Assessment 2 – Swinburne University Australia.

CAR10001 Planning For Career Success Assessment 2 - Swinburne University Australia.

Request for Assignment extension
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