BUSS1000 Future of Business Assignment – Australia.

Subject Code & Title :- BUSS1000 Future of Business
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Weighting :- 25%
Length :- 2000 words
Assessment Name :- Case Study
Individual/Group :- Individual
LOs :- 1,2,3,4, 6
BUSS1000 Future of Business Assignment – Australia.

Case Study: Coles Group
Your Task: You need to prepare a report on Coles Group

This report should consist of two sections:

Part 1: Role of Business in Society

What is Coles’ dominant orientation towards society? Profit Maximisation or Creating Shared Value or something else?Take a stance and explain your arguments with the help of evidence.

Part 2: Strategy Evaluation
In this section analyse Coles’ competitive environment by applying the PESTLE framework. Your response should demonstrate your ability to integrate various factors of PESTLE framework.

BUSS1000 Future of Business Assignment – Australia.

BUSS1000 Future of Business Assignment - Australia.

Important points:

Scope: You need to consider the organization as a whole. In other words you need to consider all the
operating markets of Coles Group.
Format: We are NOT expecting any specific format. Also, do not add any cover page or do not repeat the question before your response (simply state Part 1 and Part 2). 2000 words count towards every words in your response document. Please remember that you are presenting the report from a general manager’s perspective (practitioner style) but it must still contain full academic references.
Evaluation: Each paper is graded against the rubric. Ensure you have looked at the rubric carefully prior to beginning your paper, and prior to submitting.
Research: Should be using relevant, quality research not based simply on the organisations web pages It is important to use high quality sources including ABDC peer reviewed journal articles.
Reference: Thorough and regular referencing adds academic weight to your arguments. Statements not
backed up by data and or appropriate business theory frameworks carry less weight. Referencing addsrig our integrity and believ ability to your arguments doing this as often as possible will enhance your paper by demonstrating your business knowledge with credible sources.
Word count and structure: The above word counts include references. References should appear at the end of the paper and comply with APA 7th standard.

Learning outcomes for this case study include : LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4, LO6

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