BUS2PMX Project Management Assessment 1 – Australia

Subject Code & Title :- BUS2PMX Project Management
Assignment Type :- Assessment 1 Essay
Word count :- 1000 words
Task Weighting :- 20%
This assessment requires you to review a case of project failure. Based on the details of this case and your under standing of the relevant concepts/theories you are to analyse the reasons for the problems/issues in this case and offer your recommendations for improvement.
BUS2PMX Project Management Assessment 1 – Australia

BUS2PMX Project Management Assessment 1 - Australia

Case study – The overrunning project
Jason is the IT Manager for a private jet charter management company. Several years ago, the company added Boeing Business Jets to their fleet. The company decided to build a bigger hangar to ac commo date the new aircraft.

Jason offered assistance in defining the network and communications requirements for this project. no thanks he was told the building contractor has that all taken care of.” Soon after that he received a call from one of the subcontractors wanting to know how many network drops were needed and where exactly they would be going. Jason forwarded this enquiry to the project manager who assured him that they had already provided all the necessary details to the general contractor and it was all included in the plan.

Some time after the project started, an environmentalist group filed a suit against this project as they were concerned about its impact on local wild life. Although the case was finally settled, the company
had to spend a lot of money to build more fences further away from the building complex so that no
wildlife would be hurt by the traffic. Many tasks had to be postponed during the lawsuit.

One month before the scheduled completion date, Jason found that there was still no arrangement for physical wiring from the phone company to the new hangar. This process normally takes a minimum of 2 months for such a project. Jason was sure the project would not be finished on time.

During the general meeting to resolve the network and phone issues the need for a stand-alone internal communication phone system was put forward, as the existing phone system was fifteen years old and didn’t support many functions the company needed in the new hangar. What? You want me to spend another $60,000 on a phone system for this building? We only have a few employees in the new hangar. Why do we have to replace the phone system there? the CEO of the company said.

In the end the subcontractors were over joyed because the company had them install the new phone
system. After all, no one wanted to pick up the phone and call an extension back at the main office. Half a year after the scheduled completion date, the new hangar was finally ready for use but it cost 210% more than the original budget.

Your Tasks
Reflecting on this case study you are to:

1.analyse the reasons of the project failure in this case by focusing on 2-3 of the aspects under lined in the following prompt and
2.make specific recommendations for improvement.

BUS2PMX Project Management Assessment 1 – Australia

BUS2PMX Project Management Assessment 1 - Australia

Prompt : Projects fail for many reasons and the best way to avoid repeating these mistakes is to under stand how we can be more effective on resource planning scheduling budgeting stake holder management communication and scope management. The different stake holders and activities involved in different stages of the project life cycle indicate the importance of adopting appropriate project management strategy in each stage.

Apply the concepts/theories related to project management to support your arguments and where
possible include supporting references.

Other instructions
• Present your response in an essay style it should include an introduction body and conclusion no headings.
• This essay requires you to make in-depth analysis of the root causes of the problems/issues identified in the case study based on your knowledge in Project Management. The credibility of your arguments will be strengthened if supported by academic references.
• Submit your essay, via the assignment 1 submission link.
• Name the file xxx_bus2pmxz_Assessment 1.docx (where xxx is your student number).

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