BUMGT5978 Creative & Critical Thinking Assignment-Federation University Australia

Learning Outcomes of BUMGT5978 Creative & Critical Thinking

On successful completion of the course the students are expected to be able to:


K1. Identify ways to confront complex, messy, ambiguous problems, make new connections, with a creative,innovative and critical set of lenses
K2. Determine the elements that foster a creative culture and what distinguishes creative organisations
K3. Identify, interrogate and challenge the implementation of thinking tools in an organisation
K4. Distinguish between various sources of information, selecting appropriate authorities to support arguments
K5. Identify important issues in overcoming resistance to change and implementing new ideas in organisations
K6. understand and differentiate between the technical and adaptive aspects of a challenge

BUMGT5978 Creative & Critical Thinking


S1. Recognise the need for critical and creative problem solving techniques in the contemporary business environment
S2. Generate alternative ideas, practices, and solutions that are unique and effective
S3. Reframe problems, making new connections, and challenging assumptions
S4. Investigate problem solving tools and techniques to create solutions
S5. Critically evaluate how both creative and critical thinking skills articulate with the scholarly literature

Application of knowledge and skills

A1. Encourage team members to identify and overcome barriers to creativity and innovation in their journey to becoming thought/change leaders
A2. Implement a methodology that overcomes barriers to innovative thinking
A3. Instigate design thinking processes and tools to drive innovation and meet specific challenges
A4. Use tools and techniques developed in the course to evaluate how critical thinking may contribute to elements of the sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)
A5. Apply critical thinking to improve reflective practice

Content of BUMGT5978 Creative & Critical Thinking Assignment

Topics may include:

  • Creativity, problem solving, and strategy
  • Creative writing for Business
  • Understanding creativity and critical thinking
  • Structuring problems
  • Conditions for individual creativity
  • Generating alternatives
  • Design thinking for Business
  • Technologies, Creativity and Innovation
  • Seeing and experiencing different perspectives
  • Working effectively in creative teams
  • Assessing and selecting ideas
  • Building and sustaining creative organizations


V1. Appreciate how to conduct themselves in a business environment in an ethical and socially responsible manner
V2. Appreciate the need for creative and critical thinking skills to solve complex issues in the workplace and community
V3. Appreciate the role that leaders have in creating an environment where creativity and critical thinking is valued

Assessment Task 1: Reflective Thinking Task

The following should be provided for each learning task:

The purpose of this task is to focus you on your particular workplace and in particular the ways that people use or don’t use critical and or creative thinking skills in their work. You have been asked to observe where critical
and creative skills are utilised in the workplace, then to reflect on the situation, the people and the processes and outcomes and then to offer a critical analysis of the situation(s). This task should take place over the course of the semester and is not due until the end of the semester. It is expected that there would be at least ten but no more than 15 examples.

Each student is required to collect evidence of situations in their workplace where creative and critical skills are used to solve real problems or conversely describe situations where they could have been used but weren’t. A description of the context is required plus a description of the processes (or lack of) used and the outcomes achieved. The student is then required to reflect on the process and offer a critical analysis of the situation based on personal understanding, knowledge and skills.

Assessment Task 2: Experiential Activity

Participate in a variety of activities that require application of tools, skills and knowledge both in a classroom setting and in the workplace and report back in class

In each session, students will participate in a variety of activities – the staff member will be observing the participation of class members and students will be asked to reflect on the activity in the forum section of Moodle after the class. Other students will be encouraged to respond to other student’s postings in the forum in a respectful, professional manner.

Assessment Task 3: Individual Think Piece based on the knowledge and skills presented in this course

The following should be provided for each learning task:

This task is an individual task that can be undertaken in a number of modes. The “think piece” is a genre of writing “a bit more thought out” than a free write, but not a formal essay that must be revised.

Ways to consider the think piece:

a) – as a carefully considered letter written to an interested friend, a new or veteran say, who is a big supporter of your journey… You’ll want to convey our ideas to this friend* or colleague in no more than 2 pages).
b) – “a piece of writing which is meant to be thought-provoking and speculative that consists chiefly of background material and personal opinion and analysis.”(No more than 2 pages)
c) a negotiated mode – i.e. using technology or a verbal presentation

This is the major piece and should be underpinned by knowledge & skills developed in the workplace or in class and of an academic standard that reflects a deep understanding of the importance of critical and creative
Each student is expected to participate in all class activities and comment on one or more via the forum set up in Moodle

Assessment Task 4: Session Leadership in a creativity/critical thinking environment activity for a group of professionals

In this task, students will be required to lead an activity in class demonstrating; a concept, an idea, an issue, a theory, etc.

Each student will prepare a short activity, where they are to share skills and knowledge in one area of critical or creative thinking in a creative way that could be duplicated in a workplace, community or professional environment.

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