BSBWHS521 Establish A WHS Management System In A Work Area Assignment-Gen Institute Australia.

Instructions for Students:
This is the second of the four assessment tasks you must complete satisfactorily to be deemed competent in this unit.
This assessment is made up of three (3) tasks.
o Part A – Establish a WHS management system
o Part B – Role Play: Establish participation arrangements for managing WHS
o Part C – Provide information about consultation and participation outcomes
BSBWHS521 Establish A WHS Management System In A Work Area Assignment-Gen Institute Australia.

BSBWHS521 Establish A WHS Management System In A Work Area Assignment-Gen Institute Australia.
  • Read the scenarios given and complete the tasks that follow.
  • You must attempt all criteria to the required standard (e.g. ful fil assessment criteria mentioned in the performance checklist) to be deemed satisfactory in this task.
  • You must complete this task by following all given instructions, for the trainer/assessor to assess competency in this assessment task.
  • Clearly label your work with name, unit code and unit title to all the documents and sheets that are attached to your submission.
  • Review the role play observation Checklist so that you are familiar with the be haviours that you are expected to perform during the observation.
  • Review other resources, related to the task you are going to perform.
  • Seek clarification regarding the assessment required to be done, if you do not understand the task.
  • Ask for reasonable time from Assessor for preparation of Assessment.
  • Seek information on additional reading material and reference for completion of the assessments.
  • Submit this document along with your assessment work.

Applicable conditions

  • You will need to complete this project in your own time and submit it as per the Gen’s requirements.
  • You must complete the task independently.
  • You can refer to the textbook, learning materials or your research of external resources in completing this task.
  • Time limit for role plays is 10 minutes, unless otherwise specified.
  • The Trainer/Assessor may ask you relevant questions on this assessment task to ensure that this is your own work, or to confirm your knowledge to close any gaps they may identify as not evidenced in your written responses.
  • The Trainer /Assessor will assess your practical skills, technique and knowledge as you complete this assessment task.
  • All criteria listed in the performance checklists guide must be completed satisfactorily to the standard described.
  • No marks or grades are allocated for this assessment task. The outcome of the task will be Competent or Not competent.
  • You must express all answers/responses in your own words or acknowledge the sources of reference materials used.
  • If you are found to have plagiarised or copied another student’s work, your assessment submission will not be accepted (please refer to the Gen’s Plagiarism Policy).

Resources required for assessment
You will need the following materials/ resources for this task:
• Textbook/ Online learning resources
• Computer with internet access for research and word processing
• Interaction with others for role play
• Appendix A: Record of WHS Consultation

The Lollipop Shop is a company which supplies its customers with the best of Australian and overseas lollies, drinks, candy and party goods. The company has several stores throughout Victoria and also has an online store. The company prides itself on a vast range of products as well as their exceptional customer service and product knowledge.

The following is an extract from the Strategic Business Plan of The Lollipop Shop:

The Lollipop Shop will be a community-oriented establishment that brings people together for a sweet, as well as healthy, experience.

The mission of The Lollipop Shop is to be valued as Melbourne’s favourite candy store chain,by selling high quality products that everyone, including those who have special dietary requirements, will enjoy.

• Quality and customer oriented
• Innovative and dynamic
• Reliable and principled
• Equality and diversity
• Sustainability.

The Lollipop Shop was established in 2005 by the owner John Sweet man. Starting with one store in suburban Melbourne, he has multiplied the business manifold and now this business has three stores and a thriving online store. Over the last few years, The Lollipop Shop has gained over its competitors by introducing a range of alternatives to the traditional sweets,
such as sugar free, vegan, gluten free, etc.

The following are extracts of the company’s policies and procedures.

Work Health and Safety/ Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Procedure

Our policy
At The Lollipop Shop, each and every employee is responsible for maintaining a safe working environment for themselves and their customers.

We will make every reasonable effort to ensure that:
• accidents are prevented
• hazards are removed or controlled
• employees are protected from injuries
• customers are protected from injuries
• health is preserved and promoted
• our store is clean and uncluttered at all times
• our products are displayed in a way that is safe to both staff and customers
• we work as a team to achieve our aim of a safe and healthy workplace

All staff are encouraged to contribute their ideas for improving store safety.
Should an accident or incident occur in the store, it must be reported according to store procedures. By observing these guidelines, The Lollipop Shop will continue to be a great place to work and shop.

The company’s responsibilities
The Lollipop Shop is legally required to ensure that the workplace is safe for all employees,customers and visitors. The store’s safety, however, is not the sole responsibility of only managers – every team member must remember that they are responsible for safety too.

Employee responsibilities
It is the employees’ responsibility to report anything they consider to have the potential to be a safety hazard, to their manager and/or team mates.

If they see a safety hazard they must report it and be prepared to handle emergencies and/or incidents.

OHS/WHS Committee
Because The Lollipop Shop has three stores in Victoria, we have elected to have an OHS committee comprising the management team members, Store Managers and store staff.

The Lollipop Shop’s health and safety management system principles and objectives

In order to ensure a healthy and safe working environment, we will:

  • establish and maintain a safe and healthy workplace
  • ensure we comply with all relevant legislation
  • provide written procedures and instructions for safe working practices and material safety data sheets (MSDS) as required
  • provide appropriate support, instruction, training and supervision to employees to ensure safe working practices
  • consult employees and affected persons on health and safety issues
  • set and monitor clear performance goals for prevention and lessening of illnesses and injuries in the workplace for employees, contractors and visitors (including clients and customers)
  • detect hazards leading to assessment and appropriate control activities for all risks in the workplace
  • commit to participation in workplace health and safety matters by all senior managers, line managers, supervisors and staff (including employee representatives)
  • access and provide appropriate information relating to working safely and the training required for organisational employees to carry out their duties in a safe manner
  • establish and commit to health and safety management systems for all work areas
  • work towards continual improvement by participating in internal/external audits and systematic management review.

Customer Service Charter
Our commitment to you:
• To treat you with respect, courtesy and confidentiality, by approachable staff
• To provide a safe and welcoming environment, where you will feel at ease.
• To fulfil enquiries and requests in a timely manner
• To provide fair and equal access to a wide range of products and services
• To provide written policies on the various aspects of The Lollipop Shop’s operations.

Diversity Policy and Procedure
The purpose of the diversity policy is to promote an organisational culture that values diversity and tolerates differences. This policy applies to all staff.

The Lollipop Shop will:
1.recognise that each employee brings their own unique capabilities, experiences and characteristics to their work.
2.value diversity at all levels of the company in all that we do
3.believe in treating all people with respect and dignity towards creating and fostering a supportive and understanding environment for all
5. recognise the importance of reflecting the diversity of our customers and markets in our workforce
6. recognise diversity such as differences in ethnicity, gender, language, age, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, physical and mental ability, thinking styles, experience, and education
7.train managers in managing diversity to ensure that employees are treated fairly and evaluated objectively
8.provide all employees diversity training to raise awareness about issues surrounding diversity and developing diversity management skills.
9.provide a safe and pleasant environment for our employees
10.offer work arrangements to suit the requirements of a diverse workforce, such as flexible working time arrangements, education assistance, network and support groups, open communications, mentor programs
11.monitor and review annually on the organisation’s progress with respect to this policy.
12.Related legislation and policies – Anti-discrimination, Recruitment and Induction policy,Privacy, Confidentiality, WHS policy

BSBWHS521 Establish A WHS Management System In A Work Area Assignment-Gen Institute Australia.

Grievance/Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedure
The purpose of this policy and procedure is to provide a mechanism for employees to raise a grievance arising from their employment. This policy applies to all staff. Dispute resolution refers to the processes by which disputes are brought to an end.

Grievances and dispute resolution procedure

1.Employees who consider that they have a dispute or grievance should raise the matter with their immediate supervisor as a first step towards resolution.
2.The two parties should discuss the matter openly and work together to achieve a desired outcome. Employee may bring along a representative to this meeting.
3.The Manager should check for clarification of the issue to ensure they fully understand the employee’s concern.
4.If the matter cannot be resolved between the employee and manager, it should be referred to senior management.
5.If it cannot be resolved at senior management level, it may need to be referred to an independent body such as the Fair Work Commission.
6.Relevant legislation and policies include Privacy Act 1988, WHS Legislation, Anti-discrimination legislation, Diversity Policy, Privacy and Confidentiality policies, and WHS policy.

BSBWHS521 Establish A WHS Management System In A Work Area Assignment-Gen Institute Australia.

The following are the job descriptions of various team members:

General Manager:
The General Manager’s role is to ensure strategic goals are met by setting operational policies, creating and maintaining budgets and managing employees.The General Manager’s responsibilities are:

  • Develop strategic plans for optimised productivity
  • Review and improve organisational effectiveness by developing processes, overseeing employees, establishing a highly motivated work environment, and creating innovative approaches for improvement
  • Uphold standards of excellence and quality
  • Seek out opportunities for expansion and growth by developing new business relationships
  • Adding to the range of products and services, by sourcing new products from all over the world and introducing innovative services
  • Provide guidance and feedback to help others strengthen specific knowledge/skill areas
  • Develop, implement, and maintain budgetary and resource allocation plans
  • Delegate responsibilities to the employees to perform them while enforcing all policies,procedures, standards, specifications, guidelines, training programs, and cultural values
  • Resolve internal staff conflicts efficiently and to the mutual benefit of those involved

Store Manager
The Store Manager runs store by carrying out marketing and operational plans and monitors daily operations to boost and generate sales.

They should work closely with members of the marketing and the sales team to execute marketing strategies and complete sales targets respectively.

BSBWHS521 Establish A WHS Management System In A Work Area Assignment-Gen Institute Australia.

The Store Manager’s responsibilities are as follows:

a.Develop store strategies to raise customers’ pool, expand store traffic and optimize profitability
b.Meet sales goals by training, motivating, mentoring and providing feedback to sales staff
c.Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction through excellent service
d.Complete store administration and ensure compliance with policies and procedures
e.Maintain outstanding store condition and visual merchandising standards
f.Report on buying trends, customer needs, profits, etc.
g.Propose innovative ideas to increase market share
h.Conduct personnel performance appraisals to assess training needs and build career paths
i.Deal with all issues that arise from staff or customers (complaints, grievances etc)
j.Be a role model for the store staff

Sales Assistant
A sales assistant’s role requires a high level of customer interaction as they act as primary point of contact for customers, answering phone and email enquiries, resolving complaints and processing orders in an efficient and timely manner. Therefore, sales assistants should have good customer facing and communication skills.

BSBWHS521 Establish A WHS Management System In A Work Area Assignment-Gen Institute Australia.

Their Sales Assistant’s responsibilities are as follows:

  • Greet customers who enter the store
  • Determine customer requirements and advise on product range, alternatives, price, etc.
  • Work within established guidelines, particularly with specific brands
  • Demonstrate and explain to customers the establishment’s goods and services
  • Accept payment for goods and services by a variety of payment methods and preparing sales invoices
  • Work within established guidelines, particularly with specific brands
  • Deal with customer refunds
  • Deal with customer complaints.
  • Balance cash registers with receipts
  • Maintain customer sales records and profiles for targeted advertising
  • Identify customer buying trends
  • Work as a team with others, offering guidance and support as well as delegating tasks
  • Assist with the ongoing management of stock such as product inventories and participating in stock takes
  • Stack and display goods for sale
  • Keep the store tidy and clean, this includes vacuuming and mopping
  • Maintain security within the store and be alert for shoplifters and fraudulent credit cards etc.

BSBWHS521 Establish A WHS Management System In A Work Area Assignment-Gen Institute Australia.

Current issues
There have been some incidents in the various stores of The Lollipop Shop, such as thefts, workplace injuries and some near-misses.
The specific areas of concern are as follows:
• manual lifting of cartons and boxes in the
• manual handling of boxes and cartons
• slips, trips and falls on the part of shelf stackers
• electrical safety
• cash handling problems, such as shortages and thefts
• workers experiencing fatigue

There is a lack of systematic WHS record keeping on the part of the individual stores, which means the company is not able to track these issues to implement measures to improve WHS performance and compliance. Therefore, the company has planned that every store will develop and implement a WHS management system.

It is the responsibility of the three Store Managers of The Lollipop Shop to:

  • maintain store security and oversee the security measures to minimise the potential risk of loss to the store, its equipment or stock.
  • maintain and ensure workplace safety for employees, by making the workplace hazard free and ensuring employees feel safe working in the workplace.
  • maintain outstanding and safe store condition to ensure a safe, secure and positive shopping experience for customers.

BSBWHS521 Establish A WHS Management System In A Work Area Assignment-Gen Institute Australia.

The General Manager has allocated two hours of training hours per employee, per store, once in each quarter, for the new WHSMS. This means there will be two training sessions in six months.

The following table provides the number of staff members who will attend training:

The following table provides the approximate costs for human and physical resources.

Part A – Establish a WHS management system

You are the Store Manager for Melbourne City store of The Lollipop Shop. You lead a team of six sales assistants. (Refer to the position descriptions given in the scenario).

According to the General Manager’s directive for all store managers to develop and implement a WHSMS for their stores, you are required to review all the information provided to you and prepare to establish a WHS management system in your store.

Therefore, you have been asked to read the available data on The Lollipop Shop’s policies and procedures and, assuming that this is all the information there is for store managers to use,assess the completeness and compliance of the policies and procedures with legislation.

1.Research the internet using the links given below to identify the key elements that the WHS policy must include.
You may visit the following websites for information:
• Work Safe Victoria website
• Com care website

2.Identify three areas that are missing and need to be added to the existing WHS policy and procedure to make it suitable for a retail store, and write brief policy statements on the three areas you have identified as missing.

Then update the existing WHS policy and procedure with policy statements you have developed. You must ensure the wording suits the style of the existing policy and procedure.

3.Identify duty holders and define WHS responsibilities for all workplace personnel in the work area according to WHS legislation

Then, update the WHS policy and procedure with this information. You must ensure the wording suits the style of the existing policy and procedure.

4.Based on your research, develop an outline of a WHS Management System for the Melbourne City store of The Lollipop Shop, which Includes:

  • relevant legislations and codes applicable to The Lollipop Shop
  • a summary of the policies you have identified as reflecting the organisation’s commitment to complying with the WHS laws
  • management commitment, responsibilities and accountability of duty holders
  • consultative arrangements for WHS

BSBWHS521 Establish A WHS Management System In A Work Area Assignment-Gen Institute Australia.

summary or an overarching approach to the following procedures that will be added to the WHSMS Manual as they are developed and published on the Intranet site:
o Hazard identification and risk control
o WHS communication and consultation practices
o Safe Work Practices
o Emergency Management
o Manual handling
o Incident reporting
o Consultation with employees
o Information, instruction and supervision
o Worker/staff training
o Record management

You may prepare your document in MS Word. It should not exceed 4 pages.
You must use appropriate vocabulary, grammatical structure and conventions.

All sources you access and used for the purpose of developing this WHS system must be listed and referenced in a references section at the end of the document. For example, if you have accessed a website, you must provide the URL.

You may visit the following websites for information:
• Work Safe Victoria website
• Comcare website,
• Examples of WHSMS:

5.As the Store Manager of the Melbourne City Store, identify resources required to implement the WHSMS for your team, by preparing a list of resources required, as follows:
• human resources – people who will be involved
• physical resources – venue and equipment hire costs
• financial resources – training costs, cost of human resources – such as wages and lost productivity costs.

The General Manager has allocated two hours of training hours per employee, per store,once in each quarter, for the new WHSMS. This means there will be two training sessions in six months.

You must refer to the information on staff numbers per store and costs associated with training given in the scenario.

6.Prepare a covering email to all the General Manager, providing a brief summary of:
• the WHSMS
• the changes you have made to the WHS policy
• the estimated costs required as part of the implementation.

You should request the General Manager for their feedback and approval for the WHSMS as well as the proposed training costs.

You should attach the outline of the revised WHS Policy and Procedure, outline of WHSMS and the Estimated costs to the email and send it to the CEO (your assessor) on an email address specified by your assessor.

Your email should be written using appropriate vocabulary, grammatical structure and conventions.

Submission requirements
At the end of this task, you must submit the following, by email, to your assessor:
• Revised WHS policy and procedure (with the additional information and information about WHS duty holders and their responsibilities)
• Outline of the WHSMS
• List of resources and estimated costs for implementing the WHSMS for the store
• Covering email to the General Manager

Part B: Role-play – Establish participation arrangements for managing WHS

You are to organise and conduct a 15 minute brainstorming session to get ideas from the store staff to set up and maintain consultation requirements for a WHS management system for the store.

The purpose of the brain storming activity is to consult team members to establish participation arrangements for managing the WHS for your work area.

You must read the scenario above and prepare for the following activities.

In groups of 5-6, you and your classmates must take turns in leading a brainstorming session.Each student’s session should not be longer than 10 minutes, during which the student will lead the discussions and document the team’s ideas for establishing a consultative WHSMS.

BSBWHS521 Establish A WHS Management System In A Work Area Assignment-Gen Institute Australia.

This is a role play, and:

  • your assessor will organise a time and place for the brainstorming activity and divide the class into groups of 5-6 for the purpose of this assessment activity
  • each student in the small group will take turns to play the Store Manager and get 10 minutes to lead the discussion during the activity, with all other group members playing the roles of sales assistants in the sales team
  • your assessor will assess each individual student’s performance in a separate Role Play Observation checklist.

When it is your turn to play the role of Store Manager and lead the brainstorming session, you must:

  • welcome the group and introduce the purpose of the brainstorming session
  • introduce the topic and discuss the purpose of the meeting
  • provide a brief overview of WHS legislative requirements – why it’s important for the work area to have a consultative arrangement for a WHS Management System and what is required of the business according to WHS legislation
  • seek input from the team about what they think are the WHS specific needs of the store
  • work with the team to identify and resolve any ONE of the following issues raised through participation and consultation arrangements, such as:
    o gaps in the health and safety processes and the type of training required to close the gaps including details such as timing, type and frequency of training
    o lack of facilities for employees – work stations, rest area, storage, hand wash, etc.
    o issues with work environment that the management has not addressed
    o arrangements for WHS consultations within the team and externally
    o issues with machinery, equipment or materials
    o incidents or accidents which have occurred and measures to control
  • discuss and finalise details such as who is to take further action and by when (your team doesn’t need find solutions, but must make arrangements to take the matter up further and decide those details, such as action on, to be done by date, etc.)
  • make notes on the feedback and input provided, and include details of who you consulted with, the date and time of consultation.

You will be provided with flip charts, butcher’s paper, markers, etc. for the brainstorming activity

BSBWHS521 Establish A WHS Management System In A Work Area Assignment-Gen Institute Australia.

BSBWHS521 Establish A WHS Management System In A Work Area Assignment-Gen Institute Australia.

If the assessment is to be conducted online, you will need to ensure access to:
• a computer that has Internet access
• online video conferencing software such as Zoom or Skype
• note pad and pen

Your assessor will advise you of the date, time and location for the meeting.

Your assessor will organise volunteers to play the roles of staff.

Your assessor will observe your performance as Store Manager, leading the brainstorming, and assess you using the Role Play Observation Checklist for this task.

Submission requirements
At the end of this part, you must submit a Role Play Observation Checklist completed by your assessor, and signed by you and your assessor.

Part C – Provide information about consultation and participation outcomes

You will now be required to report the outcomes of the consultation with your team to the General Manager of the company (your assessor).

1.Complete the Record of WHS Consultation (template provided in Appendix A) with information regarding:
• Who was involved in consultations
• Key issues for consultation identified
• What decision has been made and why
• Who is to take action and by when

2.Send an email to the General Manager (your assessor) attaching the completed Record of WHS Consultation.

  • The purpose of the email is to provide information about the WHS consultation and participation outcomes to the General Manager and asking for their feedback and approval for the arrangements.
  • Your email should be written using appropriate vocabulary, grammatical structure and conventions.

BSBWHS521 Establish A WHS Management System In A Work Area Assignment-Gen Institute Australia.

Submission requirements
At the end of this task, you must send an email to the General Manager (assessor) with the Record of WHS Consultation attached.

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