BSBSUS511 Performance And Skills Assessment 2

Unit Code & Title :-  BSBSUS511 Performance And Skills
Assignment Type :- Assessment 2
Task summary :-
This assessment task requires you to undertake market research relevant to a product or service available in today’s marketplace.
This project requires you to complete the assessment tasks in a real workplace your current workplace can be used).
If you are not working select a workplace you are familiar with.
BSBSUS511 Performance And Skills Assessment 2 BSBSUS511 Performance And Skills Assessment 2

i. Access to the internet via a PC/ Laptop
ii. Access to learning material
iii. Access to additional documents via your learning management portal

You are required to demonstrate your ability to:
i. develop and implement workplace policies and procedures for sustainability on at least one occasion including:
o implementing sustainability policy and procedures into wider organisational policies and procedures o consulting and communicating with relevant stake holders to generate engagement with sustainability policy development implementation and continuous improvement

1. You may review this assessment task at the commencement of your unit.
2. You may start this assessment in the first week of the term
3. Your assessor will advise you of the due date of this assessment via the student portal and you must submit by the due date.
Note: Failure to submit by the actual due date, will be marked as “Late” and recorded as an NYS.

Task 2 – Performance and Skills Assessment General instructions :-
You are required to complete Task 2 with reference to Indo Aust Jaya (IAJ) scenario and its additional resources.
You are required to create the components for implementing IAG’s sustainability policy and procedures into
IAJ’s wider organisational policies and procedures.
This will entail consulting and communicating with relevant stake holders to generate engagement with
sustainability policy development implementation and continuous improvement.

Scenario :-
As part of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) project at IAJ Tomi Widojo has asked you
to include sustainability practices for the office. He is concerned that although IAJ has procedures in place for
sustainability in agriculture it does not have a sustainability policy and procedures for its corporate office environment. Here’s his email is to you about the requirements: From: CEO – T. Widojo To: Project Manager Re: Sustainability Policy As you are aware IAJ has a strong policy in regards to sustainability in agriculture.

Environmental sustainability is a key concern at IAJ and we are eager to improve our environmental impact in all ways possible.
It has recently been noted that our environmental practices and commitments are not being reflected in our offices. As such as part of the work you are doing to implement the CRM we would also like you to review our sustainability practices in the corporate office and develop a sustainability policy. Your primary focus is directed to the ongoing operations of the office. You are to consider any environmental impacts caused within our office facilities.
The landlord of our corporate office building Ron Langford is also a local councillor and has offered his assistance in improving our sustainability practices. He has offered his email address for correspondence Regards T. Widojo CEO IAJ

Office review :-
You met with Caroline Materson the Corporate Manager who took you through a complete overview of the corporate office and the surrounding area.

You note the following things:
● There are weekly managers meetings offsite and manager training sessions that senior managers must complete. These involve a two hour drive.
● Water use – Running the dishwasher when only half full. Toilets all used the single flush system.
Dual flush would cost about $7,500 to upgrade. The dish washer was always set to full wash and had a Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Scheme (WELS) rating of 3. The more water efficient 5-6 star dish washers cost about $6,000 and above.
● Maintenance employees have been instructed to keep the non-native flowering plants in the courtyard fully watered.
● When asked about sustainability practices that have been used Caroline said that it had not been a priority in the office environment. The focus had been on IAJ’s farming import and export operations.
● The office has maintenance and cleaning schedule for all the equipment used.
● The office had large front windows, but these were covered with vertical blinds. Caroline said the blinds were usually drawn to stop sunlight shining in employees eyes.
To ensure that the employees had adequate light to complete their work the office lights are kept on at all times. The office windows and doors were always kept closed. To maximise employee comfort the office had chosen to control the climate using the air conditioning in the store. This was set to 20 0 C at all times.
● There was one large garbage skip outside the back door of the office.
This was used for all waste. When questioned Caroline said the current waste removal service used did not offer a recycling service.
● Due to the frequent mess in the office kitchen the management team had chosen to provide disposable crockery and cutlery.
● Electronic office equipment was not turned off at night time.
● Stationery supplies and consumables were purchased online.
Caroline was not sure what supplies included recyclable materials.

You meet with Ron Langford and make the following notes:
● Ron handed you an extract from a government report ‘Economic Brief.’
● Ron explained that the Federal Government was now introducing legislation that backs up the local by law concerning efficient water usage particularly by industries. The current by-law has fines of up to $50,000 for excessive water breaches. Ron did explain that the council was giving some time to make good under certain circumstances on a case by case basis. Ron also agreed with the idea of installing a water tank in the court yard for the cafe to use and would help get it built.
● Ron explained that the local area had a growing retirement population.
● Ron spoke about the Federal Government’s National Broadband Network being rolled out that would allow efficient and effective video streaming and tele conferencing.

Part A: – Scope
Outline the scope of your sustainability policy.

This should include:
1. Which parts of the organisation the policy applies to.
2. How the policy align with organisational goals and objectives.
3. The commitments the organisation is making in regards to sustainability.
Refer to the scenario you will need to read through the email briefing in the scenario the IAJ Strategic Plan
as well IAJ Policy Manual in particular the Environmental Policy to scope your Sustainability Policy and Procedures.

Part B – Consultation Framework
Prepare a framework explaining which stake holders you will consult with to develop and implement
your policy and procedures and how this consultation will occur.

Read through the email briefing carefully to help you identify relevant stakeholders. BSBSUS511 Performance And Skills Assessment 2

Part C – Strategies Provide details of the specific environmental strategies that will be used.

This should include:
1. How you will minimise resource use and improving resource efficiency.
2. How you will reduce toxic material and hazardous chemical use.
3. What life cycle management approaches you will use.
4. What continuous improvement strategies will be in place.

Look closely at the outcomes of the office review to help you choose appropriate strategies.
You should also consider the sustainability commitments and strategic statement.

Part D – Implementation Plan
Develop an implementation plan for your policy and procedures.

This should include:
a. The actions required.
b. Roles and responsibilities.
c. Timeframes.
d. Resources.
e. Potential barriers.
f. Communication plans.

Look closely at the results of the office review to assist you. BSBSUS511 Performance And Skills Assessment 2

Part E – Performance Indicators
Develop at least five (5) performance indicators for your policy.
Look closely at the strategic statement and sustainability commitments to assist you.

Part F – Resource Efficiency Procedure
Construct a procedure that supports your policy for continuously improving resource efficiency.
Your procedure should explain the step-by-step process to be followed.

This should include:
1. How resource efficiency targets are set.
2. How strategies to improve resource efficiency are implemented.
3. How you will monitor and evaluate the success of the strategies.
4. Specific roles and responsibilities.

Look closely at the outcomes of the office review to assist you.

Part G – Consultation
You conducted a consultation meeting with Caroline Materson the Corporate Manager at IAJ.
IAJ does not currently have a sustainability policy and procedures that apply to its corporate office environment.
List the key discussion points of the new sustainability policy and procedures and the specific roles and responsibilities along with any appropriate suggestions. BSBSUS511 Performance And Skills Assessment 2

Part H – Monitoring and evaluation
An audit will take place and you had to plan for the audit and review process of the organisation’s document standards.
The audit will seek to measure the extent to which the targets or performance indicators are being met. It should also identify any opportunities for improvement.

The audit process is to be conducted in collaboration and consultation of key stakeholders. Start by developing your audit questions. These are the questions that you hope your review will answer. The questions should be relevant to the document performance indictors you set.

The following are some examples of audit questions:
Has the target been met?
What prevented the targets from being met?
Are employees aware of the requirements?
d. Are procedures being followed?
Have record keeping processes been followed? You should have at least three (3) questions relating to the performance standards associated with your policy.

BSBSUS511 Performance And Skills Assessment 2

Next draw a flow chart showing the audit or review process. This process should explain how you intend to answer your audit questions. Include the types of evidence you will review.

Remember to include consultation with the key stakeholders. Finally construct a draft email to one of the key stakeholders.
In your email explain the audit you are conducting and why and ask the stakeholder to contribute. You will need to develop specific questions for the stake holder asking them to provide evidence that will help you to answer your audit questions.

BSBSUS511 Performance And Skills Assessment 2

Part I – Evaluation presentation
Prepare a presentation using Microsoft Power Point for management explaining the development implementation and continuous improvement of the policy and procedures.

Also include what changes you will make to the policy as a result of your findings.
Your presentation can be a video recording in which you present to someone but must include participation of your audience.

Part J – Recording systems
Explain how you will store and maintain records relating to the policy and procedures and who is responsible for this.

Part K – References
Create a reference list showing both the internal and external sources of information that you used to prepare your policy and procedures.

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