BSBLED808 Graduate Diploma of Management Assignment – Australia.

Subject Code & title : BSBLED808 Graduate Diploma of Management
Assessment Type : Assignment
Word Limit : 3000 words
BSBLED808 Graduate Diploma of Management Assignment – Australia.

BSBLED808 Graduate Diploma of Management Assignment - Australia.

Instructions for Students :
1.This assessment task requires you to demonstrate the skills of conducting a career development session.
2.In order to complete this assessment task, you will need to choose a target group or individuals for you research. You must also consider the accessibility of relevant documentation and resources. During your research, you are required to apply and comply with relevant legislation,and you may need to interact with others to obtain relevant information for your research in order to complete this assessment task.
3.You must provide sucient evidence/response to each of the nineteen (19) research topics (Part A: Word limit of the report: minimum 3000 words) and demonstrate satisfactory foundation skills in oral communication and interaction with others (Part B) while doing classroom online discussion activities to be deemed satisfactory in this task.
4.This is an individual assessment.
5.To make full and satisfactory responses, you should conduct thorough research, consult a range of learning resources and other information such as handouts and textbooks, learners’ resources and slides etc.
6.You will complete the task in a word document with the answer to each research topic.
7.You must include the following particulars in the footer section of each page of the word document:
Student ID or Student Name
Unit ID or Unit Code
Course ID or Course Code
Trainer and assessor name
Page numbers
8.Read the following research topics carefully and critically analyse them to understand the requirements before commencing the research. This will help you to identify what evidence are needed for compiling the responses to each research topic.
9.Your responses must demonstrate an understanding and application of relevant concepts, critical thinking, and good writing skills.
10.When you quote, paraphrase, summarise or copy information from the sources you are using to write your responses to the research questions, you must always acknowledge the source using Harvard Reference Style.

Part A-Research :
You are required to choose a target group for you research. You can choose one of the following target groups or the target groups that you are interested in. Please also ensure you are able to access at least two individuals from the target group for conducting career development sessions.

BSBLED808 Graduate Diploma of Management Assignment – Australia.

BSBLED808 Graduate Diploma of Management Assignment - Australia.

International students in Australia who choose to study a specific type course: automotive courses, hospitality courses, etc. high school graduates in Australia who is deciding whether to study at university, vocational sectors or start work immediately People who became disabled due to accidents and their careers are disrupted People who were not able to get job successfully in their own profession and have to consider to change the career to make a living

After deciding on your target groups or individuals, you are then required to conduct research and put your findings of the following nineteen (19) research topics in a report format.
Step 1: To prepare for the task, complete the following actions to apply the appropriate career development theory, and to communicate professionally to promote career development outcomes:

1.Research the major career development theories and models, and ensure to apply and utilise these throughout career development sessions.Document the outcomes of this research.

2.In relation to career development, analyse the differences between advice, information provision and professional standards. Document this analysis.

3.Evaluate the models appropriate for individual and group career development sessions. Record these evaluations.

4.When planning a career development session, analyse the diversity of individuals and target group you have chosen. Document this analysis.

Step 2: Conduct career development sessions with your target group and individuals, and then document the details of how the career development sessions were conducted.

5.During the career development session, how did you create a cooperative and productive environment, and a climate of trust, comfort and safety.

6.How did you apply the theory in an appropriate manner to the individuals involved?

7.How did you utilise a clear and unambiguous manner to conduct the career development counselling?

8.How did you complete problem & goal clarification, to the satisfaction of all involved in the career development sessions? document the problem and goal clarification.

9.How did you utilise key skills to successfully complete career development sessions? (Key skills include applying rapport building, attending skills etc.)

10.How did you identify the common patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour limiting, making or acting on well-considered choices, and devise counter strategies. Please also note the common patterns identified, and the counter strategies devised.

11.How did you ensure that the participants in the career development sessions set personal goals and make informed choices? Please also record any personal goals set and informed choices made.

12.How did you consistently apply effective responding skills, when giving feedback on progress during the career counselling sessions?

13.How did you ensure you demonstrate an ethical, cooperative and respectful manner in career development work, working within the team and the wider organisational context.

14.How did you assist individuals to use relevant support resources and technology including through monitoring support resources and technology to ensure they support quality outcomes for career development services?

15.How did you assist the individuals to identify their career development needs. Please also record the career development needs identified.

16.How did you determine individual needs and aspirations holistically, in context of their’ lives. Please also document the individual needs and aspirations.

17.Identify any individual career development needs that fall the outside scope of practice of the career development service provider, and where required, refer individuals to or inform them of, appropriate sources of further information or career development support services. Note the career development needs outside of scope, as well as any referral or relevant information provided.

Step 3. Use resources and technology to support the career development sessions through the following actions:

BSBLED808 Graduate Diploma of Management Assignment – Australia.

BSBLED808 Graduate Diploma of Management Assignment - Australia.

18.How did you ensure the assessment of the individual needs identified in the career development sessions are accurately communicated to the individuals?

19.How did you ensure the records and reports prepared for the development sessions are accurate and comply with professional conduct and career development standards, and ensure these are stored appropriately for use in career development services?

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