BSBLED401 Develop Teams And Individuals Assignment – Australia.

Subject Code & Title : BSBLED401 Develop Teams And Individuals
Assessment Type : Individuals Assignment
Refer to Case Study
Ben is the manager of the Trident marketing company. He has employed a number of staff members with specialisms such as website design, PR, and social media marketing. Ben has been generally happy with the progress of the Trident marketing company over the last couple of years. The staff members have done some excellent work for clients and the Trident marketing company has won awards. However, Ben realises that there is still room for improvement. He is keen to improve the presentation skills of some
of the staff members to improve the chances of winning new client contracts.He would also like to see an improvement in communication and collaboration among the staff members.
BSBLED401 Develop Teams And Individuals Assignment – Australia.

BSBLED401 Develop Teams And Individuals Assignment - Australia.

1.Give three examples of goals which Ben could set for staff members of Trident marketing.

2.Write a description of the ways in which the Trident marketing team could be monitored in relation to the achievement of the set goals.

3.Give three examples of adjustments that could be made to learning approaches for the purpose of helping individuals/teams to improve their performance.

4.Using your reading skills, analyse two organisational documents and highlight three key rules that apply to you in your role working with individuals and teams.

Refer to Case Study
Harry is a supervisor at the C-Play toy factory. The manager has just given Harry responsibility for producing a comprehensive set of training materials packages for four new employees within the factory. The materials should cover the appropriate methods for the use of machinery and procedures which should be followed for the assurance of health and safety.The training materials must also be specific to the knowledge and skills requirements of competency standards relevant to the industry.

5.Assume the role of Harry and use your writing skills to develop a comprehensive set of training materials/packages for individuals within the C-Play toy factory. Ensure that the training materials relate
specifically to the different roles which employees are expected to perform within the factory. Make the materials specific to the knowledge and skills requirements of competency standards relevant to the

Refer to Case Study
James is a supervisor working within the Fallowells shoe shop. He has been observing an employee in the process of completing a retail training course.He has been happy with the confidence and friendliness shown by the employee when dealing with customers. However, he feels that the employee should have made quicker approaches to customers who visited the shop and made better shoe recommendations.

6.Give five examples of questions that James could ask specific to work within the shoe shop.

7.Show that you navigate the world of work by writing a short report on how three of your daily work tasks contribute to broader organisational goals.

BSBLED401 Develop Teams And Individuals Assignment – Australia.

BSBLED401 Develop Teams And Individuals Assignment - Australia.

8.Show that you can interact with others by organising one group activity where there is a shared goal that needs to be met. Discuss and negotiate how to work towards the shared goal, and lead your team to
reach a consensus on the best action to take. You must be able to build a rapport with this group and show that you can successfully establish effective working relationships within the group, in order to reach the set goal.

9.Show that you can get the work done by analysing and evaluating a recent group activity that you have been involved in. You will need to gather all relevant information and evaluate the outcomes of the task to
establish whether it was successful. You should pinpoint at least two things the group did well on and two areas where they could have done things better.

10.How may facilitation techniques be used to encourage team development and improvement?

11.How do your own organisation’s policies, plans and procedures affect team and individual development?

12.Where can you find competency standards which are included as part of training units for career development?

BSBLED401 Develop Teams And Individuals Assignment – Australia.

13.his practical activity will require you to develop and implement a learning programme which effectively addresses the requirements of employees within your organisation. You will need to systematically identify learning opportunities and consider their relevance. The employees and other stakeholders should be consulted and feedback should be gathered about their performance in different areas. It will be necessary to develop learning plans in accordance with the employee’s skills and knowledge. These learning plans should be implemented and you will need to monitor and review any learning that takes place.

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