BN111 Programming Fundamentals Assignment 1 – Australia

Purpose of the assessment (with ULO Mapping) :-
This assignment assessesthe basic concepts of programming; students should be able to demonstrate their achievements in the following unit learning outcomes:
a. Describe the fundamental principles of object-oriented programming
BN111 Programming Fundamentals Assignment 1 – Australia

BN111 Programming Fundamentals Assignment 1 - Australia

Extension :-
If an extension of time to submit work is required a Special Consideration Application must be submitted directly on AMS. You must submit this application three working days prior to the due date of the assignment.

Assignment Tasks :-
This assignment focuses on design and analysis phase to solve simple problems. A report is to be submitted via the respective Moodle link.

Problem Solving Expressions and Operations:
1.List the Python data types and give an example for each data type.
2.Computer programming is fun but sometimes we get a bug.
Linda was given a task to ask users to calculate the area of their windows.
To perform the calculation, Linda has to multiply the width and length of user’s window.
Analyse the following code and remove the bug:

user_name=input(“Whatis your name? ”)
window_width =input(“What is your window’s width?”)
win_h =input(“What is your window’s height?”)
area= window width* win h

3.When you’re writing long numbers, you can group digits usingunderscoresto make large numbers more readable:

distance_sun_earth = 149_604_618
Print the above variable on the python shell prompt.
Add 12 million to it and print the result.

4. A student wants to buy a car from a second hand car web site. To be eligible for buying a car this website checks for various requirements such as, is s/he 18 years old+? Does s/he hold a NSW or VIC driving license etc. You may include any other requirement(s) also.

a. What are the knowns and the unknowns?
b. Where, if anywhere, isthere ambiguity and what assumptionshave you made about the problem?
c. Write a pseudocode for the given problem.
d. Provide a flowchart for the given problem.

BN111 Programming Fundamentals Assignment 1 – Australia

5.Write statements in Python for the followingmath equations:

Evaluate the above expression at the following values of variable x: x =2, x =-2

6.Test and justify the output of the following expressions:
a. 5.6 * (log10(200))
b. 192/3.4+2.45.6/3*4.5

Scenario – Flowchart
1.Linda wants to write a program for meeting room booking. The program should allow users to search the available rooms for their required time slot. If no room available the program should display this information. If a room is available the program should allow the user to select the room and submit the selection, and send an email to the email for booking confirmation.

a. Draw a flowchart to complete the booking process.


• Your assignmentshould include the following in the Word file:
i. An overview of your learning in Assignment 1 with respect to the learning outcomes and graduate attributes defined in the Unit Description.
ii. Flow charts, algorithms and program code in the Word file.
iii. Include all Python scripts (.py files), where applicable.
iv. Screen shot/captures of all the programs outputs.
v. Acknowledgment of any help received for assignment completion such as book website etc. Cite all sources in IEEE format.

BN111 Programming Fundamentals Assignment 1 – Australia

• Assignments are to be done individually and must be your own work. Software may be used to detect academic dishonesty (cheating).
• Use Python coding conventions and good programming techniques where appropriate.
For example:
• Meaningful variable names
• Conventions for naming variables and constants
• Use of constants where appropriate
• Readability, indentation and consistency

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