BISY2003 Object Oriented Programming Assignment – Australian Institute.

Subject Code & Title: BISY2003 Object Oriented Programming
Assessment Type : Report
Assessment Number: 1
Assessment Name: OOAD Case Study
Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed: LO 2, LO 3, LO 4
Weighting: 20%
BISY2003 Object Oriented Programming Assignment – Australian Institute.

BISY2003 Object Oriented Programming Assignment - Australian Institute.

Assessment Description
Specification: You are contacted by a Birthday Party Club owner who wants you to help with making a Website for an online Booking System that will help the Club in managing the bookings for the Birthday party. Currently, Club maintains a manual booking system that is in creasingly becoming difficult to manage for the staff. The current system is erroneous and time taking.

Current System:
At present, for Booking a party, customers call or come in person to the Club. The Club admin helps them to choose the Party room based on various factors – Day, Time, Number of hours, Number of people and availability.

The staff will then suggest them if the booking is available and then customer will need to pay a 10% deposit to confirm the booking. But currently, a lot of time is spent to find a suitable Party Room as well as to be sure that the room is available for the whole time as per the customer request.

The customer will pay the rest amount on the Booking day after the Party Room has been used. The customer is also liable to pay for any damages (if any) made to the room during their occasion.

The main objectives of this New Booking system are:
Book for a party: This system will help customers in making a booking for a Birthday Party Room. Every room has a different capacity and rates per hour. Party rooms need a booking for minimum two hours. The customer can decide to include food and beverages into the booking offer.

Online Payment: This system will give an option to the customer for online payment for their bookings. Allied Security Pty Ltd. Company will be contracted to provide and ensure the security of the online payment
service. Once the payment is accepted a confirmation email is sent to the customer with a Booking Reference Number.

BISY2003 Object Oriented Programming Assignment – Australian Institute.

BISY2003 Object Oriented Programming Assignment - Australian Institute.

Better Knowledge: This system will provide the customer with all the details of the Party Room and the map of the room before the customer confirm their bookings. This will give an opportunity to the customer to prepare for the party and confirm before-hand and hence getting a venue according to their requirements.

Reduce Paperwork: As most of the things will be performed online, it will reduce the usage of paper for the Club.

Improves Efficiency: This system will make things easier for staff as the whole Booking system will go online and it will have maps and possible Virtual tours that will allow customers to be sure of what they are booking.
Also, booking System will check for the availability of the Party Room during the whole time required. This way the staff can spend more time attending to their customers who have current bookings with the Club.

Improved Customer Service – The customers making a booking over the new Online Booking System will need to Register themselves. The customers will need to provide various personal details like First Name,
Last Name, Full Address, Email Address and Phone Number. The customers start earning loyalty points when they go forward with bookings.

The new System will now work in the following way:
1.A Customer will need to login/register to make a new Booking.
2. The Customer will provide the date, time, and number of people they want to book a room for and decide about food and beverages for party.
3.The system will then pick up the available rooms as per the Customer’s requirement.
4.The Customer can browse with the choice provided by the system.
5.Then the Customer can choose the one that is interested and then proceed with payment.
6.After successful payment, the Customer will receive print or email the Booking confirmation for future reference.

1.Create a Use Case with detail descriptions for the new Online Booking System.
2.Create a Domain Model for the online Booking System.
3.Create a Sequence Diagram for the use case Book for a Party Room of the Online Booking System.
4.Create a Class Diagram for Online Booking System.

Report document must be submitted for the assessment through the Assessment 1 Turnitin link on Moodle page for this unit. The assessment will be submitted through Turnitin via your unit page on Moodle. Turnitin is a plagiarism software, which will identify if you have copied information and included it in your assessment.

Copying information from others (i.e. websites, partner company information, or other students etc.) without the acknowledging the author is classified as misconduct.

Engaging someone else to write any part of your assessment for you outside of the group work arrangement is classified as misconduct.

To avoid being charged with Misconduct, students need to submit their own work and be able to explain the program logic and its working.

Late Submission:
Any assessment submitted past the specific due date and time will be classified as Late.Any Late submission will be subject to a reduction of the mark allocated for the assessment item by 5% per day (or part thereof) of the total marks available for the assessment item. A ‘day’ for this purpose is defined as any day of the week including weekends. Assignments submitted later than one (1) week after the due date will not be accepted, unless special consideration is approved as per the formal process.

BISY2003 Object Oriented Programming Assignment – Australian Institute.

BISY2003 Object Oriented Programming Assignment - Australian Institute.

Special consideration:
Students whose ability to submit or attend an assessment item is affected by sickness,misadventure, or other circumstances beyond their control, may be eligible for special consideration. No consideration is given when the condition or event is unrelated to the student’s performance in a component of the assessment, or when it is considered not to be serious.

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