Behavioural Science Essay Assignment

Module :- Behavioural Science
Weightage :- 50 %
Assessment Type :-  Essay Assignment
Task: 1 & 2
a) Distinguish between different approaches to the study of leadership and discuss critically what you see as the
relevance today of each of these approaches?
Behavioural Science Essay Assignment

Behavioural Science Essay Assignment

Guideline for your assignment:

Your answer should include:

1. Explain clearly what you understand by the meaning of leadership?
2. How would you distinguish leadership from management?
3. Explain what is meant by leadership style?
4. What are the major dimensions of leadership behaviour?

Behavioural Science Essay Assignment

Task 2: During Class Time

Develop a presentation for the following concept:

from your own experience,
a) identify with examples the main activities of management.
b) What do you see as the main attribute(s) or qualities required of a manager in under taking each of these activities?

Email: Upload assignment to Moodle and email softcopy of Assignment to: (EMAIL) before Due Date.

Assignments and/or Reports Instructions

All assignments and/or reports will contain a word count and students are advised to follow this.

Students should use the following font for their assignments:
▪ Times New Roman.
▪ Font Size 12.
▪ 1.5 Line Spacing.

Assignments must contain a footnote with:
▪ The Student Name.
▪ The Student NID Number.
▪ Module Name
▪ The Page Number.

The marks allocated for the report and presentation is 50 (50%).

The assignment is worth 50% of your final course grade.

Each assignment must have a front cover which must include the student’s full name NID number title of the assignment and module name.

Behavioural Science Essay Assignment

Behavioural Science Essay Assignment

Students are required to submit an electronic copy (PDF) of the assignment to Moodle before 23:59 hrs on the due date.

References must be given in Harvard referencing style.

Plagiarism in any form is prohibited. Plagiarised materials will not be accepted and no marks will be awarded for the work.

All assignments files must be saved in the following file name order: abbreviated unit title and student number – for example: BIS Mariyam Ali

Behavioural Science Essay Assignment

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the assignments are submitted by the deadline set by the lecturer.

If an extension is required, it should be communicated with the lecturer and approved by the Course Coordinator.
Appropriate evidence or reason should be provided to justify the cause for the extension. A student can request for an extension 3 (three) days before the assignment deadline. The request for extension of assignment deadline should be made in writing (letter/email) and addressed to the Course Coordinator.

Assignment received after the submission deadline will be penalized as follows

• 5% penalty for each day after the submission deadline
• After the 4th week – the student will not be permitted to submit the assignment

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