BB108 Business Statistics Assignment-Melbourne Institute of Technology Australia

Instructions to students: This is a group assignment.

Weight: 25 marks

Word Limit: N/A

Submission Guidelines:

  • The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 11-pt Calibri (Body) font and 2 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings.
  • Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using APA or IEEE referencing style for School of Business and School of Information Technology and Engineering respectively.

Task: BB108 Business Statistics Assignment

BB108 Business Statistics

Data set [ABZ-Customer &Sales data] is from a global corporation which include two sheets and the data is inclusive of a 400 days of trading.

  1. The first datasheet labelled [customer attributes] lists the results of an online survey given to customers.
    1. The variables include:
      • Customer ID
      • “Gender” – male or female
      • Marital status (Married, single)
      • Age
      • Type of customer (regular, promotional)
      • Region that they come from (east, west, south, north)
      • Payment which defined customers’ payment methods (Pay pal, credit)
      • Source (web, email)
      • Amount of customer’s pay
      • Product that they have purchased (Best select, CD, Classical, DVD, Novel, Politics).

Assignment instructions:

The business sells categories of products including DVD, CD, and books which include Classical, Novel, Politics, and bestsellers. The main challenges in the business are profit, and decreasing sales. As business struggles to survive in the market, you have been hired as an analyst to help the manager to find out the reasons behind the sales decline and profit loss.

Using analytics and application (LAB practices)address the following questions/sections (as guide only). You can come up with any rational question to answer, as long as you can provide your reasoning and assumptions behind that.

As guide – answer these main research questions within the following sections:

  1. Variance/Standard deviation: Compare variance and standard deviation between ‘total gross sales’ and ‘opening gross sales’. Is there a meaningful difference between them? How far below or above the average each of them are?
  2. Co-variance: Find out co-variance between ‘price/earning ratio’ and ‘gross profit margin’. Do they change in the same direction?
  3. Independent sample T-test: Is there statistically significant difference in ‘Amount’ paid between two groups of male and female customers?
  4. Z-score: How many standard deviation above or under average ‘Amount’ and ‘Age’ are? Are there any outliers? (choose any numerical variable)

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Assignment structure:

  • Introduction – Introduce the business and its problems.
    • Describe the company, what does it do
  • Problem definition and business intelligence required
    • Defining problem of the business and what they are trying to achieve by the analysis. This includes your possible assumptions and the logic behind them
  • Variance/Standard deviation
    • Is there a meaningful difference between two variables?
  • Co-variance
    • How two variables vary? In the same direction or otherwise?
  • Independent sample T-test:
    • statistically significant difference between two groups.
  • Z-score:
    • Where are the variables in terms of their standard location?
  • Chi-square test:
    • any relationship between two categorical variables?
  • Correlation analysis:
    • Significant relationship between two numerical variables?
  • Regression analysis:
    • Does a variable influence other variable?
  • Results and Recommendations
  • Based on the analyses what conclusions/suggestions you can have for decision makers? 

Assignment formatting: BB108 Business Statistics Assignment-Melbourne Institute of Technology Australia

Font size 12 Times New roman, double spacing.

Note. The word count does not include headings, tables, graphs/figures or the reference list.

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