B01AUDT317 Auditing Assignment

Instructions: This is a group assignment (4 members).

Length: 2000 words

Total Marks: 100

B01AUDT317 Auditing Assignment

Task: B01AUDT317 Auditing Assignment


Students are required to work in a group of 3 – 4 students in the performance of this written report. Every group for this assignment is required to research for two cases of corporate collapse and analyze how auditors had failed to fulfill their responsibility professionally. Your cases must have available information for desk research. You are required to explore and collect information on the case to complete this assignment.

It is expected that your report will cover the following:

a. Executive summary

b. Brief introduction of the two selected corporate collapses

c. Auditor of the companies collapsed

Marking Rubric: B01AUDT317 Auditing Assignment

B01AUDT317_Auditing Assignment

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