ACC702 Managerial Accounting Assignment-Charles Sturt University Australia

Instruction to students: This a group assignment.

Word count:
The word count will depend on the number of students in the group. The absolute minimum number of words PER STUDENT is 500 and a maximum in 750. Therefore, a group with four members should submit a report (excluding cover pages, references, and appendices) of between 2000 and 3000 words, if FIVE members, then between 3000 and 3750 words. NO MORE than 4000 words will be marked! (Appendices excluded from the word count.)

Task: ACC702 Managerial Accounting Assignment

ACC702 Managerial Accounting

Background to task topic:
Every Australian Public Company must produce a ‘Remuneration Report’ detailing how their highest paid executives’ remuneration (pay) has been calculated. This includes details of fixed versus at-risk (or variable) remuneration and the methods used to make these awards. Each company must nominate Board Members to form a ‘Remuneration Committee’ (some companies may use different names for this committee) and generally the members consist
of at least two non-executive members of the Company’s Board plus the Chairperson. (Each the student should check the composition of the committee relevant to their allocated company and briefly report the details in their report in the company overview.)

The Committee’s role is to determine and approve the remuneration policy, the methods, and amounts of executive compensation including the base salary and benefits. The details of the remuneration scheme are published in the Remuneration Report within the Annual Report for the company and then voted on by shareholders at the annual general meeting. If more than 25% of shareholders ‘vote down’ (against) the remuneration plan, The board must revise the plan and if this revised plan is still rejected by shareholders at the next General Meeting, the Board’s position is considered ‘untenable’ (unacceptable) to the shareholders and typically must offer their resignation.

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Key questions to be answered:
After a comparison has been completed, as a group, critically review both methods and analyze which methodology is believed to produce the following:
a) How the performance measurement measures may affect ethical behavior and the culture of the organization;
b) Which performance measures are likely to have the greatest motivational impacts on management behavior

Group Report (2/3 of assignment mark)
Each group is to research and contribute to a group report that includes the following:
1. Research of the Academic Literature using EBSCOhost and/or other Academic Search Engines and discover academic articles discussing methods of measuring Executive Performance. (Note in the USA, remuneration is referred to as Executive Compensation or Executive Pay so you may wish to substitute this term in your
2. Research and discover the corporate goals of each of the company reviewed. (Review the Chairman and CEO’s Statements in the Annual Report and the Corporate Website for this information.)
3. Research and discover how the senior executive is having their performance assessed. This may be limited to only the TWO top earning Executives, usually the CEO and CFO.

Video presentation (1/3 of assignment mark):
 Video presentations must be submitted by 1 pm Tuesday of Weeks 10. The video must be 7 minutes in duration and ALL group members must participate with either or both recorded images or voice-over parts. The video presentation will give all groups the ability to further demonstrate their understanding of the entities and the work you have done in researching these entities.
 These marks will be awarded by the tutor/assessor based on the criteria given in the rubric.
 Groups may use any application to produce the Video however it must be capable of being uploaded to a YouTube Channel

Referencing: ACC702 Managerial Accounting Assignment-Charles Sturt University Australia

Referencing is required. Ensure that you fully reference ALL material that is directly copied and enclose direct quotations appropriately with full references. Also ensure you have referenced and cited all ideas, words or other intellectual property from other sources used in the completion of your assignment. Please see the Library for assistance if you are unfamiliar with the correct procedure for Academic Referencing. Please note that WIKIPEDIA is NOT an acceptable reference source other than for very superficial checking and should NOT be used as a primary resource as there are no controlled peer review of the content on this or similar ‘Wiki’ sites.

Marking Rubric: 

ACC702 Managerial_Accounting

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