ACC100 Considering Careers Assignment 2 – Australia

Subject Code : ACC100
Title :- Considering Careers
Weighting : 30%
Word count : 1200 words equivalent
Format :- Word document with a standard font such as Calibri Times New Roman or Arial text size 10-12 point and line spacing 1.08 to1.5.
ACC100 Considering Careers Assignment 2 – Australia

ACC100 Considering Careers Assignment 2 - Australia

ULOs: This assessment will assist you to achieve the following Unit Learning Outcomes (ULOs):
ULO 2 :- Explore self and opportunities from a course, and develop actions targeting gaps in current knowledge experiences and skills required for a variety of career path ways.
ULO 3 :- Access and utilise relevant resources to organise and share information.

A template you can use to complete this task is provided in the Assessment 2 folder on the cloud site.

The assessment can be written in first person, with no requirement to include references.

TIP: You will need to work through the weeks 6 and 7 content Module 2: Work Ready on the cloud site in order to complete this assessment.

Section 1 – Personal Insights and Capabilities
Draw on the Super Strong Inventory and Skills Audit tools to complete the below Personal Insights and Capabilities Table. Instructions on how to complete this table are provided at the end of this document.

Note: Students who have completed similar career education in a previous unit should update this table by drawing on feedback from your previous assessment.

Skills and Capabilities Reflection:
Write a 450-word (+/- 10%) reflection that draws on your Personal Insights and Capabilities Table and feed back given in previous similar assessments if applicable. Critically review your strengths and weaknesses to arrive at a conclusion about your interests and skills as they relate to your aspirational
career role (s) from your course.

Section 2 – Career Thinking Reflection
Using information gathered from advertised positions of interest to you, reflect on your career readiness. Base your discussion on academic and extracurricular opportunities you identify as needing to participate in to incrementally build your experiences and/or to address any skill gaps. Consider what factors hinder or support your ability to take advantage of the developmental opportunities you have identified With in Deakin and ‘Outside of Deakin.

TIPS: The weekly content offers examples of experiences in which you may want to engage to assist your skill development. Deakin’s study support services also offer guidance on reflective writing.

Instructions to help you complete Personal Insights and Capabilities Table

Step 1:
Complete the SuperStrong activity.

ACC100 Considering Careers Assignment 2 – Australia

ACC100 Considering Careers Assignment 2 - Australia

To complete the SuperStrong Interest Inventory :

1.Sign up to Super Strong. Fill in your details using your Deakin email address and a password of choice.

2.Work through the statements. Make sure to take your time and be honest with yourself. The results are only as accurate as the information you put in.

3.Results page will show your personalised SuperStrong Insights and Occupational Themes.

4.Scroll down and ‘like or dislike’ the career areas of interest. Click ‘Save Ratings’.

5.Select Career Pathways to explore jobs based on yourinterests by selecting the ‘Show More tab.
(You can also search for other jobs using the ‘Open Search’function).

6.Select careers of interest for more information.
Please note that education and salary links are USA based – for Australian specific information refer to the Australian Job Outlook site.

It’s important to note:
• SuperStrong does not measure abilities.
• SuperStrong does not recommend one specific major or career that you “should” follow.
• Interests represent only one important component of good academic and career decision making.
Factors not measured by the SuperStrong that are also important to consider include your abilities values goals family concerns and lifestyle needs See Career Decisions for further information. Use the Print button on the top right hand side of the Insights screen, to create a pdf of your results.

Take a screenshot of the spider graph on the top left hand side of the results screen and include this in your table for Section 1. The screenshot should include your Interest Code as well as the spider graph.

Step 2:
Access the Skills Audit document on the CloudDeakin site and complete the audit to identify your skills. Indicate whether you ‘Enjoy/Don’t Enjoy’ using each skill. Then, rate each skill listed as either No ability, Some ability or ‘Strong ability. There is a skills glossary with definitions included within the document if you are uncertain about any of the skills listed. Include 3 skills that you have rated as your best skills in the
box labelled ‘Top 3 skills from Skills Audit’. Now take the 3 skills you think are your weakest and place these in the box labelled ‘Areas of Improvement’.

Step 3:
Complete the ‘Academic Interests’ and ‘Personal Interests’ boxes based on your opinion.

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