8005CGOV Corporate Social Responsibility And Risk Assessment – Australia

Subject Code & Title :- 8005CGOV Corporate Social Responsibility And Risk
Weight: 60%
Format: 3,000-word written report.
Note: All written assessments should be submitted as Word files (.docx) Word is available from your AIB office 365 account
8005CGOV Corporate Social Responsibility And Risk Assessment – Australia

8005CGOV Corporate Social Responsibility And Risk Assessment - Australia

Summary :-
Write a 3,000-word Appraisal Report where you will evaluate an organisation’s corporate social responsibility CSR practices risk governance and Board performance assessment against relevant theories and principles. You will also provide constructive suggestions for improvement in CSR practices risk governance and board performance assessment to the board of the chosen organisation.

Referencing is Australian Harvard (AGPS) and outlined in the AIB Style Guide.
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Learning outcomes :-

1.Demonstrate advanced understanding of contemporary corporate governance theory frame works and practice.

2.Critically evaluate and effectively communicate complex concepts to recommend improvements relating to corporate governance and organisational issues.

3.Apply corporate governance laws, theory and techniques to professional practice in an ethical manner.

Step 1

Select a company of your choice preferably a publicly listed company due to data availability and assume you are an independent non-executive director of that firm. Retrieve publicly available relevant corporate governance information on corporate social responsibility CSR risk governance practices and board performance assessment for the chosen firm. As explained in Activity 1.2 you will find this information dis closed in the company’s most recent annual report Australian companies proxy statement US companies management proxy circular Canadian companies company website or any other company statements. For example the Common wealth Bank of Australia provides governance information in its annual report: CBA Annual Report 2021. You can usually find these documents on the organisation’s or regulator’s website.

Step 2
Based on the disclosed information evaluate your selected organisation’s practices against relevant theory and principles according to the following perspectives:

8005CGOV Corporate Social Responsibility And Risk Assessment – Australia

1.Corporate social responsibility (CSR): Using relevant theories discuss the CSR practices of the chosen firm and how such practices can affect its short-term and long-term performance/goals.

2.Risk governance: Identify at least eight risks for your chosen company using any method we learned in Module 5 and evaluate the recognised risks by their impact and probability by allocating a level from 1 to 5 and by using the tool provided in Activity 5.2 Risk recognition evaluation and mapping. Discuss appropriate risk policies for four of the selected eight risks.

3.Board performance assessment: Critically evaluate alternative approaches self-assessment vs external independent assessment to assessing Board performance in relation to the practice adopted by the chosen organisation.  

4.Board recommendations: Provide constructive suggestions for improvement in CSR risk governance and board performance assessment to the board of the chosen organisation.

Example report structure
The following is a suggested structure only.
Cover Page
Executive summary
Table of Contents

2.Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
3.Risk governance
4.Board performance assessment
5.Board recommendations:

8005CGOV Corporate Social Responsibility And Risk Assessment – Australia

Format and other requirements

1.Define critical terminology when they are mentioned for the first time in the report.
2. In each section discuss relevant corporate governance principles and theories as applicable.
3. Where possible draw out and discuss implications of your findings for the conformance and performance functions of the board.
4. The required word length for this report is 3,000 words (plus 10% allowance).
5. You are required to use at least six (6) academic references for this report in addition to the reference for the disclosed corporate governance information such as annual reports).
6. Your references should be from credible sources such as books industry-related journals magazines or academic journal articles. Your grade will be adversely affected if your assignment contains no/poor citations and/or reference list and if your assignment word length is beyond the allowed allowance level see Assessment Policy available on AIB website.
7. The report format should follow AIB Style Guide. Use author-date style referencing which includes intext citations and a reference list.

8005CGOV Corporate Social Responsibility And Risk Assessment - Australia

1. Please use publicly available secondary data only.
2. Prescribed textbook and learning materials and readings from Modules 4–6.
3.Disclosed governance information source: annual reports Australian companies proxy statement (US organisations management proxy circular Royal Bank of Canada management proxy circular 2021 company website or other company statements
4. Corporate governance codes: ASX CGOV Recommendations & Principles OECD principles NYSE CGOV guide ECGI principles AICD non-for-profit governance principles, TSX Corporate Governance guidelines.

Assessment Resources
CGOV Assessment 2 Exemplar
Please note the Exemplar provided received a Credit grade and is intended for indicative purposes only. Its substance and form are different from those of your Capstone Assessment.

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