6N4169 Administration Principles And Practice Assessment – Australia.

Assignment Title and Weighting : Administration Principles & Practice 25%
Course Group : Advanced Business Administration (ABA) 6M5013
Unit Title and Code : Administration Practice 6N4169
Level : 6
Assessment Type : Portfolio/ Collection of Work
6N4169 Administration Principles And Practice Assessment – Australia.

6N4169 Administration Principles And Practice Assessment - Australia.

Assessment Activity Description

In order to complete this assignment you will need to complete all tasks indicated below.

In relation to a business of your choice you will outline how the Administration Department is run to include all of the areas listed below:

Part 1
An evaluation of the role of the administration in the organisation to include:
1. An outline of the role that the administration plays in the specific business.
2. The role of the senior Administrator
3. The role of the junior administrator
4. The skills & qualities required to be a good administrator (include reasons why).

Part 2
An outline of the relationship between the admin practices and the organisations policies to include:
1.Outline the main relationship between the work of the Administration & the processing amending communicating implementing and safeguarding the policies of the business.
2.Outline the organisations Customer Service Policy to include
o An overall statement about how the business cares for it’s customers.
o Procedures for dealing with complaints & compliments to include
a copy of the templates used for same.
o Procedures to be followed for visitors to the business.

Part 3
Manage a range of systems to maintain a diary, messaging & mail processing to include:
i. In relation to diaries explain what diary system is used in the business Is it suitable for the business in your opinion If it is not suitable what would you suggest instead. give reasons for your answer where you give your opinion
ii. Rewrite a professional message for the business’s Voicemail Answering Service.
iii. Outline what should be asked by all reception staff when taking down phone messages
iv. Outline the organisations system for dealing with incoming & outgoing mail include the type of mail sent and received by the Admin Dept of the business &

Part 4
Use a range of office equipment & information technology applications to perform administrative tasks.
1.You will research & suggest an efficient telephone system for the business (include images & print screens of telephone system)
2. As the printers are outdated & in poor condition you have been asked to suggest replacements to fit the needs of the business include images/print screens of printers
3.You will outline the purpose of the information technology applications listed below in the administration of your business:
o Word Processing
o Spreadsheets
o Payroll
o Power point
o E-mail
o Computerised Book-Keeping/Accounts

Part 5
Prioritising tasks in the performance of administration duties:
1. Explain how admin staff manage their time and prioritise tasks using for example some of the following:
o A to-do list
o Distinguishing between important & urgent tasks with examples
o Setting realistic deadlines with a time plan for achieving deadlines use example

6N4169 Administration Principles And Practice Assessment – Australia.

6N4169 Administration Principles And Practice Assessment - Australia.

N.B. All of the above tasks must relate to your chosen business
This task is entirely about the business you have chosen and should demonstrate your understanding of the administration department person. Please keep theory to a minimum e.g. approx no more than 5% of the over all task and only when it is relevant to explain a practice in the business.

Declaration of Original Work
This section must signed by students before submitting an assignment or other assessment evidence All assignments and other material submitted by you for assessment must be your own work. In line with Car low Institute of Further Education and Training s assessment policy plagiarism or any other form of copying are not permitted Students found copying from each other directly from text books websites or other sources etc. will be in breach of the Institutes Assessment Policy Evidence for this assessment may take the form of written oral graphic audio visual or digital evidence or any combination of these. Any audio video or digital evidence must be provided in a suitable format.

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