301005-PPC Ethics And Codes of Conduct Assignment-Australia.

Subject Code & Title: 301005 PPC Ethics And Codes of Conduct
Weighting: (25%)
Assignment Type : Case Study Report
Note: The Ethical and Codes of Conduct report is an individual assignment There are two parts of this assignment. Answer both parts. The word limit is specified for each section and major report.
301005-PPC Ethics And Codes of Conduct Assignment-Australia.

301005-PPC Ethics And Codes of Conduct Assignment-Australia.

Part 1:
Read the following case study and answer questions related to the case study.

Case Study:
SDX Alliance is a large company that sells computers, computer components, and software. Ralph is hired as an entry-level software engineer at SDX Alliance. His first project was to assist in writing the code for SDX Alliance’s new hard disc controller. He had previously worked on a similar system interning at a start-up and had written a code which greatly
enhanced the performance of their product. Ralph quietly re-uses this same code in the SDX Alliance product, and does not think to tell anyone that he has used the code from his last job.His manager is thrilled with the speed improvements this code brings to the product.

Before the product is released, it has to undergo a four-month long quality assurance process review. During the review of the product, it was found the code which Ralph developed had been copyrighted by the startup he had previously worked for. Even though Ralph had developed the code, his previous company still owned the intellectual property rights to it.

301005-PPC Ethics And Codes of Conduct Assignment-Australia.

301005-PPC Ethics And Codes of Conduct Assignment-Australia.

When his manager informed Ralph of the problem, Ralph admits he did not realize he had made a mistake because he was not familiar with copyright laws. Ralph then goes on to explain that the start-up he used to work for is now out of business and is unsure if SDX Alliance would be able to get in contact with the owner of the copyright. If SDX Alliance can’t use Ralph’s code,then it will have to rewrite the entire code of the product, delaying its release by many months.

Q1. What are the issues of integrity, ethics and law posed in the case study?

Q2. What should they do?

Part 2:
Prepare an investigative written report relevant to ethics and professional code of conducts on the selected case study. The maximum length of the report is 1200 words; 5% variation is accepted.

Select a real case study on the topic given in the following list. The case study is an event or an occurrence of a situation related to ethics and code of conduct issues and should not be very old. While some topics are suggested, you are encouraged to choose any other suitable topic.
You need to research information on Internet related to the selected case study topic. The research material can be publications, news articles, research papers, books, etc.

Your report should have following:
(i) Executive summary
(ii) Brief discussion of selected case study and the context of the case study.
(iii) Nature of the ethical issues, and relevant facts, and the consequences.
(iv) Relate issues identified in the case study with the relevant industry sector’s ethics
and professional code of conduct.
(v) Identify affected stakeholders in the case study.
(vi) Suggest feasible recommendations to resolve the ethical issues.
(vii) Conclusion
(viii) References

301005-PPC Ethics And Codes of Conduct Assignment-Australia.

301005-PPC Ethics And Codes of Conduct Assignment-Australia.

List of Topics on Case Studies (Select any one):
1.Pollution of local river
2.Facebook data breach
3.Train disaster
4.Collapse of bridge
5.Disposal of lithium batteries
6.Failure of Dam
7.Deforestation in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
8.Cyber bullying
9.Collapse of multistorey building structure
10.Reserve bank bribery case

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