23 Public International Law Assignment – Australia.

Unit Title :- 23 Public International Law
Assessment Type :- Assignment
In Public International Law there is only ONE ASSIGNMENT. This assignment is compulsory and must be submitted by all students. The assignment will constitute 20% of the final mark in this subject.
23 Public International Law Assignment – Australia.

23 Public International Law Assignment - Australia.

Assignments must be submitted by the due date unless an extension has been granted.Extensions need to be requested by email prior to the assignment due date and specific supporting evidence provided. Late assignments attract a penalty of one mark out of 20 or 5% of the total marks available, per day. A pass mark is 50%. Assignments that are received more than ten days after the published due date will not be accepted. Please note that students granted an extension must still submit their assignment within ten days of the original assignment due date.

Assignments are assessed according to the Assignment Grading and Assessment Criteria outlined in the Guide to the Presentation and Submission of Assignments.

23 Public International Law Assignment – Australia.

This guide also contains the rules and guidelines regarding the presentation of assignments and instructions on how to submit an assignment and is available from the Guides and Policies section of Canvas. Please read this guide carefully before completing and submitting this assignment.

The maximum word length for this assignment is 1500 words inclusive of all footnotes but not bibliography.

Completed assignments should be lodged through Canvas and received by 11:59 pm(Australian Eastern Standard Time) on Wednesday

Please download the Assignment Cover sheet. The cover sheet will be the first page of your assignment. Save it with the name you intend to use for the assignment and begin your answer on the second page. Make sure you complete the Assignment Cover sheet by entering in your Full Name and Address Details.

23 Public International Law Assignment – Australia.


[I] international law works on the basis that the general consent or acceptance of states can create rules of general application. (Brownlie’s Principles of Public International Law.

Comment on this statement with particular reference to the sources of public international law. In your answer also explain with examples from the decided cases the application of customary international law in Australian law.

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