1809NRS Nursing Essay-Griffith University Australia.

Aim: The aim of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to demonstrate a beginning understanding of professional client-centred nursing care, integrating scientific knowledge, infection control practices, interdisciplinary care, and patient safety, including cultural safety. This will address learning outcomes 1, 2 & 3.
1809NRS Nursing Essay-Griffith University Australia.

1809NRS Nursing Essay-Griffith University Australia.


For this task you are required to write a 1500-word structured essay, in response to the following case study:

Case Study:

Mrs xx is an 88-year-old resident of Sunset Residential Aged Care Facility. She is a widow with two daughters, one who lives nearby and visits daily. Many of her relatives also visit regularly. Mrs xx follows the Islamic faith. She is overweight for her height, unsteady when mobilising and uses a walking frame. Over the last few days she has had worsening flu-like symptoms (sore throat, fever and aching joints) and now has a productive cough, lethargy and reduced appetite. She has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and has an associated chest infection.

In your structured essay you need to:

Criteria 1. Describe the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and explain the modes of spread and the specific risks it poses for the older person;

Criteria 2. Describe the infection control precautions for COVID-19 that are necessary in a residential aged care facility;

Criteria 3. Identify and provide a rationale for four nursing risk assessments (for example falls risk assessment) that would be required for Mrs xx . One risk assessment must relate to cultural safety.

Criteria 4. Identify two (2) health team professionals (other than the nursing team) who may be involved in the care of this resident and provide a rationale for your choice;

1809NRS Nursing Essay-Griffith University Australia.

1809NRS Nursing Essay-Griffith University Australia.

Note: all sections of your essay must be supported by current, scholarly literature relevant to Australian Residential Aged Care Facilities (at least 10 scholarly sources published in the last 7 years).

Suggested use of word-count:

  • Brief introduction:100-150 words;
  • Each of the 4 sections:
    o Criteria 1: 250-300 words;
    o Criteria 2: 250-300 words;
    o Criteria 3: 300-350 words;
    o Criteria 4: 150-200 words;
  • Brief conclusion: 150-200 words.

Presentation and submission details:

Please ensure you present your work according to academic standards as identified in The Griffith Health Writing and Referencing Guide. including strict adherence to the 1500 word limit.

We highly recommend that you submit your draft assignment to the draft Turnitin submission point to check for text matching before you submit your final essay.

Check and save a copy of your work and submit online via the relevant submission point under the assessment tab on the course site. Screenshot your Turnitin receipt also so you have a record of the submission.

1809NRS Nursing Essay-Griffith University Australia.

Other elements:

  • Always refer to the Griffith Health Writing and Referencing Guide.
  • Ensure that you use scholarly literature1 (digitised readings, research articles, relevant Government reports and text- books) that has been published within the last 7 years.
  • Grey Literature includes information found on government websites and/professional websites e.g. reports, policies, and papers published by government and/or professional websites, and fact sheets and brochures sourced from government and/or professional websites.
  • Provide a clear introduction and conclusion to your paper.
  • Unless otherwise instructed, write in the third person.
  • Use academic language2 throughout.
  • Word limits for assessment items need to be strictly adhered to. The word limit for an assessment item includes in text citations, tables and quotations. The word limit DOES NOT include the reference list. Please note the marker will cease marking your submitted work once they have reached the allocated word limit.
  • Refer to the marking guidelines when writing your assignment. This will assist you in calculating the weightings of the sections for your assignment.
  • State your word count (excluding your reference list) on the Assignment title page.
  • Submit your assignment via Turnitin as per the instructions on your Learning@Griffith course site. [Submit in the ‘assessment’ tab].

1809NRS Nursing Essay-Griffith University Australia.

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