10354 Using Data To Improve Learning Assignment – Australia.

Subject Code & Title : 10354 Using Data To Improve Learning
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Points :- 50
Weighting : 50%
10354 Using Data To Improve Learning Assignment – Australia.

10354 Using Data To Improve Learning Assignment - Australia.

This task assesses students ability to apply their learning in a simulated workplace application Students will:
1.Collect and present a range of publicly available quantitative and qualitative data in relation to a school & its community.
2.Undertake a situational analysis using the collected data.This involves analysing this data to identify significant issues present these issues as identified and describing the ‘context’ as uncovered by this data.
3.Develop a broad education plan that responds to this situational analysis. By a ‘broad education plan this task means describing a suggested educational interventions aimed at improving the learning of all students.This should refer to educational research and literature likely drawn from other units in the course studied to date and that used in this unit to describe the significance of trends identified and established responses.This plan needs to relate clearly to the issues identified in the situational analysis and explicitly describe how it responds to these issues. It is not however a lesson or unit plan detail broad description and justification is appropriate.
4.Not exceed 3000 words in the situational analysis and broad education plan. Presented and referenced data is not included in this word maximum.

10354 Using Data To Improve Learning Assignment – Australia.

Further description :
1.The assignment is based upon your data analysis.
2.This assignment builds upon work in the tutorials. Students should expect to start working towards this task in week three and regularly add to its development in subsequent weeks.
3.In this task you are asked to bring your learning in this unit together with practical strategies discussed (in this unit and others studied to date) to improve the learning of all students.

10354 Using Data To Improve Learning Assignment – Australia.

4.In your justification you will need to show how each strategy within your plan is supported by relevant research literature of theory within the course and your own further reading.
5.There is a necessary theoretical orientation here.You are proposing an approach based on the best available evidence and based on your data analysis & related situational analysis.This is a bit like how public policy works at the moment. Think of this as the justification for possible ‘intervention’ just that you won’t be bale to do that proposed ‘intervention’.

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