TCHR5010 Competency And capability of Preschoolers

TCHR5010 Competency And capability of Preschoolers Portfolio
Word Count : 1500
Weight : 40%
Academic Integrity : Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) tools, such as ChatGPT, may not be used for this
Assessment Task. You are required to demonstrate if you have developed the unit’s skills and knowledge without the support of GenAI. If you use GenAI tools in your assessment task, it may result in an academic integrity breach against you as described in the Student Academic and Non-Academic Misconduct Rules, Section 3.
Under the Rules – Student Academic and Non-Academic Misconduct Rules (Section 3) students have the right to Appeal against the Academic Integrity Officers academic misconduct Determination, to the Executive Dean, with that determination being final and conclusive, and not subject to further Appeal within the University. Students are not able to appeal against academic misconduct via the Unit Assessor or unit staff.
TCHR5010 Competency And capability of Preschoolers Portfolio

At XXX academic integrity means behaving with the values of honesty, fairness, trustworthiness, courage, responsibility, and respect in relation to academic work.

The XXX Academic Integrity Framework aims to develop a holistic, systematic, and consistent approach to addressing academic integrity across the entire University. For more information see the XXX Academic Integrity Framework NOTE: Academic Integrity breaches include poor referencing, not identifying direct quotations correctly, close paraphrasing, plagiarism, recycling, misrepresentation, collusion, cheating, contract cheating, fabricating information.

Competency And capability of Preschoolers Portfolio
Competency And capability of Preschoolers Portfolio

Task Description:

This Portfolio is comprised of two tasks and should be presented on one Word document.

Task 1: Professional Philosophy (approximately 500 words)
Write your professional philosophy statement for working with Preschool age children.
Consider important aspects of pre-schoolers’ learning and development that we have
been focusing on in the unit such as:
– Relationships
– Quality
– Diversity and inclusion
– Transition to school
– Supporting pro-social competencies

Task 2: Goals and Critical reflection (approximately 1000 words/200-300 words per

Set 4-5 goals that you want to achieve on your forthcoming professional experience with Preschoolers. Critically reflect on these goals, and your philosophy, and identify anticipated challenges you may face achieving your goals and putting your philosophy into practice. How do you intend to overcome these challenges? Analyse according to the set text, and the NQS and EYLF.

Rationale  Students will reflect on their learning about theoretical perspectives and practices to develop their own teaching philosophy for teaching Preschoolers. Students will reflect on this philosophy and how it may translate into practice.

Referencing :

APA 7th referencing format is required in Faculty of Education assessment tasks – link to XXX Libguide here: APA 7 Referencing

Resources : NQS QA= National Quality Standard Quality Area WWW.XXX.Com
EYLF = Early Years Learning Framework WWW.XXX.Com

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