SWSP6143 Public Policy & Civil Society Assignment

Instruction: This is an individual assignment.

Word Count: 1500 Words

SWSP6143 Public Policy & Civil Society

Task: SWSP6143 Public Policy & Civil Society Assignment

Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is for students to critically analyze different policy positions by political parties in Australia on a key social issue to demonstrate an understanding of how ideology underpins these policy positions.

Assessment Details:

Each student is to choose a policy or social issue from state or federal election in the past 5 years. These could include:

  • Disability
  • Closing the gap
  • Domestic Violence

Students are to review the policy positions from two different political parties in relation to this issue. Students will use the following framework to complete the text analysis:

  1. Analyze the issue chosen, outlining key ways the problem or is issue presented and how the this is to be addressed
  2. Show a critical reflection of the information and arguments presented in the policy documents as an illustration of a particular political ideology of the party (for example, Human Rights, Marxist, Humanism, Neo-liberalism)

Assessment Criteria:SWSP6143 Public Policy & Civil Society Assignment

  1. Draws onset literature to demonstrate an understanding of party political-ideological positions.
  2. Demonstrates the ability to understand and analyze the information presented in the documents.
  3. Provides evidence of critical reflection of information presented.
  4. Capacity to write in an appropriate scholarly style, with attention to grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  5. Main ideas clearly and logically presented
  6. Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation

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