Research Proposal For Zerah Jimmy Assessment 3 – Australia.

Unit Title : Research Proposal For Zerah Jimmy
Assignment Type : Assessment 3 Task 2
Word limit: 3000 words.
Weighting : 60%.
Students will be expected to complete a research proposal directly related to their topic of interest as identified in Assessment Task 1. Your task is to use all of the core learning throughout this course and to formulate them into your research proposal.
Research Proposal For Zerah Jimmy Assessment 3 – Australia.

Research Proposal For Zerah Jimmy Assessment 3 - Australia.

To develop skills in preparing a research proposal that involves thought about all aspects of the project design and implementation.

Description: Using the topic that was chosen in the first assessment task (literature review), students will need to create a proposed research project and complete all the sections of the research proposal as outlined below. The Research Proposal should include the following sections/ information:

1.Introduction or Background : 1-2 paragraphs that gives a brief description of the context of the study, what is the study about and why?
2. Aim or Purpose: 2-3 succinct sentences that describes what you would like to change or modify or introduce into your health or healthcare related practice? State your aims and research question/s.
3.Project Rationale: 1-2 paragraphs that explains why you chose this topic and how it is of interest to your field of work. Why is it important?
4.Literature review : 2-3 paragraphs that gives a brief summary of the literature (from assessment task 1). Include key references that you anticipate will inform your project. Don’t forget to critically evaluate this work.
5.Methodology : 3-5 paragraphs that provides information about data and artifacts that you propose to use in the research study. Sections could include the following:

1.What is your population? Who are the participants? What is the context
and/or location of the study? 
2. Briefly describe the approach to data collection that you intend to use.
3. Identify the artifacts or evidence you propose to collect to support your
project aims.
4.What tools or instruments will you need to develop? (you do not need to
develop these just describe them).
5. How will you analyse the data?

1.Ethical Considerations: Identify ethical issues that you will need to consider in the conduction of your research project.
2.Reference list: Following correct formatting and citations throughout the review.

Word limit: 3000 words. Note: Tables, figures and references will not count towards this word count limit.

Feedback/Mark: Marks for the final assessment task will not be released until after the official examination period and end of semester grades have been released.

Assessment Task 2 – Research Proposal
he minimum possible score for this rubric is 0 points and the maximum score is 60 points with a 60% weighting applied to the task. Intermediate scores will be converted respectively and rounded to the nearest available grade. This guide will be available via the Moodle Grade tab.
0 points
1 point
2 points
3 points
4 points
5 points


Presentation displayed excellent structure and sequence –introduction, body, and conclusion, references Linking dialogue provided.


Format of presentation flowed at all times, with sound themes and relevant information,Clear topic sentences and smooth connections between paragraphs,

Excellent background or introduction to the review and relevant sources cited throughout.

Aim or Purpose

Present with excellent demonstration of thought when using a PICO approach.

Project Rationale
 Appropriate response to task.

Literature Review
Evidence of extensive research. A broad range of sources. Contemporary sources used throughout. Highly relevant theories and concepts obtained from sources.

Excellent description of methods. Methods well suited.

Excellent description of the proposed project population, context and location.

Excellent description of the proposed data analysis processes and procedures appropriate for the proposed study.

Research Proposal For Zerah Jimmy Assessment 3 - Australia.

Research Proposal For Zerah Jimmy Assessment 3 – Australia.

Ethical Considerations

Thorough and detailed discussion of potential ethical considerations. Detailed plan to resolve or avoid ethical issues that may arise.

Professional Prose

High level of articulation and expression, with clear and concise sentence and paragraph structure, and no spelling or grammatical errors. Used complex and varied sentence structure; appropriate tone and style

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