Our Refund Policy

This article tells you all that you want to know about Our Refund Policy of Excellent Assignment Help Australia Services. We strive to offer excellence in all our assignment help services that take students closer to their desired academic goals and objectives. Yet, despite all the efforts taken by our expert writers, there can be instances wherein the outcome of the assigned work might not be as per the expectation of our clients. This is where our refund policy comes into the scenario. As our clients, you need to be well aware of all the norms and conditions that prevail in our refund policy so that when the time comes, you know how to take the process further.

Our Refund Policy

In case if you are ever completely dissatisfied with our Assignment Results, you can bring our Refund Policy of Excellent Assignment Help into action.

But we advice all our clients to understand the following terms before they decide to lodge a complaint or ask for the refund in return for any services hired by them.

  • You can file a complaint or ask for the refund only if even after 7 revisions submitted by us are not satisfactory. You can do so by connecting with our customer care executives who would guide you about the further process.
  • Once we get the complaint or request for the refund, we give your project or assignment to another expert writer so that the order is completed within the specified timeframe.

Following define the case wherein the client is entitled to receive the entire amount put into the service as a Refund

  • In case if a required said amount is deducted twice from your credit card accidentally by our professionals as Excellent Assignment Help, then the extra amount is returned back to the client immediately.
  • If you find that the paper quality is extremely bad and unacceptable
  • When our writers fail at submitting the order on or before the given due date.
  • If the given assignment contain duplicate or plagiarised content in any form
  • If your queries and questions go unattended from our customer care officials

Please note that if you do not inform us before communicating with any third party, it will be considered as a breach of contract activity.

Important Note of our Refund Policy of Excellent Assignment Help Australia Services is

If you ever want that the company should return your entire amount back in the form of 100% refund, then you can make a request for the same only within the first 7 days from when you receive the respective order. Our quality assurance department will occupy all the specific rights and they will hold the final say in whether the refund is valid and should be granted or not. They decide so after considering and evaluating all the cases and evidence together.

Every company has its own rules and conditions which it expects the clients to abide by. Excellent Assignment Help Australia services make sure that all our clients are aware of their rights and the process of bringing them into action.

Our Refund Policy ensures and safeguards the rights of our clients who invest their time and money into getting the best of our services. At unfortunate times, when our professionals fail to stand on their expectations, we give them the chance to acquire the entire money refunded. This is our step towards offering cost efficiency of our Assignment Help Australia Services.

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